Niuli: last great chance from China’s Forklift Industry

Thursday, 23 January 2014 ( #651 )
NIULI's forklift foreign marketing campaign was stepped up during the second half year of 2013, with exchanges between the company and customers from South East Asia, the Middle East and Europe. There was a steady flow of new orders and new clients. There is, of course, intense competition in the Chinese forklift truck manufacturing market. The market is large, but the manufactures are even bigger. Some competitors have been known to slash prices to unsustainable levels just to win orders, leading to a buyer's market .
Around 10 years ago, a lot of companies entered into the forklift industry and after a fierce marketing battle, Heli and Hangcha, two industry giants, have become clear leaders in the market. Today, it is far harder to enter the market, and even more difficult to survive. When NIULI chose to enter the forklift truck market, it took a long-term view, aiming for sustainable growth. NIULI invests significant sums in equipment, engaging talents, improving internal management, studying the market situation carefully and developing a long-term vision. NIULI has two main advantages:
  1. Self-made components The key to the NIULI MODE strategy is to increase the proportion of self-made parts to maximise our cost advantage.
  2. Competitive Pricing In a buyer's market, if you want to be better than your rivals, you must do something different. We reduce costs and maximise profits for distributors and ensure that end-users get the best possible prices.
Our success to date indicates that we will be able to create a miracle in the near future: We will become NO.1 in the economy forklift business. NIULI forklift is the last great chance from China forklift industry. New power, New opportunity. Let us catch the great chance! For further information, please contact: Mr. Hans Hao Email: Send an email Web: Tel: +86-532-68079846 Fax: +86-532-68079847
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