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Thursday, 29 November 2012 ( #593 )
The PREMIA EM platform power pallet
The PREMIA EM platform power pallet
Mitsubishi adds to pallet line-up
Almere, the Netherlands

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has added the PREMIA EM platform power pallet series to the PREMIA family.
The first PREMIA EM model to be released is the standard 2 T, PBV20N2, designed for applications like pallet transfer work in logistics terminals and industrial warehouses, and for the loading and unloading of vehicles.
The PREMIA can handle steep ramps and loading docks, uneven surfaces and even damaged pallets.

Transmon launches iTEch Fleet
Leicester United Kingdom

Transmon Engineering has launched iTEch Fleet, a forklift fleet management system that improves security and helps site managers monitor and control truck usage.
"The new iTEch Fleet helps companies achieve complete visibility of their entire forklift operation through one secure portal," says Paul Sercombe of the Leicester-based company. "iTEch Fleet not only does this remotely, it can automatically immobilise a truck when it leaves a designated area."
Transmon Engineering will be showcasing iTEch at the International Materials Handling Exhibition at The NEC, Birmingham on 19-22 March 2013.

New tow tractor
Fleet, United Kingdom

Hyster Europe has introduced the LO5.0T electric tow tractor that can pull 5 T and is suitable for the automotive and engineering industries.
The tow tractor design is based on Hyster's new low-level order picker and includes scooter control for the operator, which Hyster claims has received excellent customer reviews.
The truck also has a range of drive wheel options and can be adapted for cold stores.

TMHE introduces new platform
Brussels, Belgium

Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) has introduced a mobile elevating work platform that it says increases flexibility in forklift operations.
The operator has more freedom and control in operations as the platform offers the possibility to lift and lower, and to drive directly from the elevating cage. This allows for fast and efficient inventory and maintenance performed by one person. Combined with the BT Reflex R-series reach truck, it replaces the need for additional scissor-lifts.
The work platform is available with the BT RRE160 and the BT RRE200 models.
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