High quality, cost effective forklift cabins for any application

Thursday, 22 September 2011 ( #532 )
DFK Cab Ltd., located in the Eastern part of the Czech Republic, has been manufacturing modular cabins for forklift trucks since 1997.

DFK Cab Ltd. got its start producing metal and canvas cabs for standard lift trucks as well as cabs for non standard trucks, as lowered trucks with a container Overhead Guard (OHG), narrowed Drive-in trucks, etc. With all of our products, our cab panels attach directly to the original OHG.

In 2007 we designed and introduced polycarbonate cabins for select forklift truck models.

Polycarbonate cabins have many advantages when compared to cabins made from other materials:
  • better visibility than the metal cabins, the whole cabin body is transparent
  • lower weight, which doesn't affect the silent blocks below OHG
  • impact resistant door material which replaces the sensitive glass
  • more economical price than metal cabs

Thanks to their excellent features, these cabins became so popular that we extended the range of models to fit almost any forklift model. Currently we supply complete cabs or separate panels for more than 20 different forklift brands in more than 15 countries. Additionally, in 2008 we extended our offering of polycarbonate cabins to include a wide variety of UTV vehicles as well.

All of our manufacturing takes place at our 9500 sq. m. location in Popovice, Czech Republic. This ISO 9001 certified production facility implements advanced technologies throughout in order to insure quality.

In response to the increased demand in North America, we have recently opened a US division, with offices and a 2,200 sq. meter distribution center located in the Chicago area. This facility will service both the UTV and Forklift marketplace.

For more information on forklift or UTV cabs by DFK, please contact;

In EMEA; or visit

In America; or visit

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