Bezel - high power, high capacity li-ion power batteries: Exhibiting at The Battery Show (stand B145)

Thursday, 22 September 2011 ( #532 )

BeiJing King Bezel International Trade Co.,Ltd. (Benzel), is a manufacturers and leading provider of high power, high capacity lithium new energy lithium ion power batteries, and battery production machines.

Benzel will be exhibiting their lithium ion power batteries and battery production equipment at The Battery Show 25th to 27th October.

Lithium ion power battery features:
  1. With similar capacity, the weight of li-ion battery is just half of a nickel-cadmium battery or a nickel-metal hydride battery;
  2. Single lithium ion cell has a voltage of 3.6-3.7V (mean value), which equals either three nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride cells connected in series;
  3. The lithium ion battery does not contain any polluting substance such as cadmium, lead, mercury, etc.;
  4. Under normal conditions, the lithium ion battery has a life of more than 500 charge/discharge cycles;
  5. The lithium ion battery is free from the so-called memory effect, a phenomenon seen in nickel. Cadmium in which the apparent battery capacity decreases when shallow charge and discharge cycles are repeated.

Battery production machine (used for cutting and stacking the piece of electrode)
  1. PLC controlled with colored touch screen (10.4")
  2. It sets the automatic model punching machine for electrode and plate stacking machine in a body.
  3. It mainly used for cutting the electrode piece of battery.
  4. Stacking precision: grouped battery cores precision:±0.5mm, folding precision of separator:±0.5mm.
  5. punching precision :±0.5mm
  6. Punching and stacking speed: less than 3-4seconds per piece.
  7. Automatic unwinding, automatic deviation rectifying, control of tensile force.
  8. Finished product form; positive and negative tabs array stagger on the same side (or array on both sides)
  9. Automatic detecting and removing the waste and unqualified electrodes.

Battery production machine
  • This machine is mainly used for tab molding cutting and collecting of winding electrode.
  • Automatic machine
  1. Model punching precision is very high.
  2. The overall structure is compact
  3. Punching speed: 3-4seconds /piece
  4. Design of cutter is ingenious and the price is the lowest
  5. The size of the storage box can be adjusted within a certain range .simple for replacing the die set.
  6. Fully automatic machine function.
  7. PLC control with colored touch screen.

  8. Come and visit us at The Battery Show,
    stand B145. We'd love to see you there!

    For more company or product information email, or visit the website @


    The Battery Show is America's biggest free to attend exhibition for advanced batteries. The very latest battery technology will be on display for a number of applications, from EV's to Utility storage, through to bespoke mobile power applications, personal electronics and healthcare.

    The Battery Show is also a supply chain event, where the latest solutions from raw material and equipment suppliers, to materials and testing and recycling services. If it happens through the life of a battery, the services to support this will be on display. A must attend event for battery manufacturers, from junior engineer to CEO level.

    Ideally placed in the capital of America's advanced battery industry, Michigan is a world leader in the use and application of renewable energy and is the heart of the electric vehicle industry. Click to view the exhibitor list.

    For more in formation visit:, or to register to attend click here.

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