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*Exclusive* Hyundai identifies key competitors
  • News story - 23 Mar 2006
  • GEEL, Belgium
Marketing its machines based on the KIS (keep it simple) principle, Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe (HHIE) is making rapid progress in Europe after only five years in the region. In 2005, forklift sales for HHIE totalled 1,000 units, up 25 per cent from 2004. Michel de Weert, marketing manager of HHIE spoke to News reporter Christine Liew in an exclusive interview about the company’s relatively unknown brand, its rapid growth and the new Folex forklifts, after returning from Manutention 2006. News: Was it HHIE’s first time at Manutention and what did HHIE accomplish at the show? Michel de Weert: No, it was the second time we participated but the first time with our new program (the -7 range). Last time we were at Manutention was in 2001. This year’s show brought us a lot of contacts from potential dealers and customers. Therefore we can say that HHIE is continuing its successful market approach towards the European forklift business. News: Describe the growth trend for HHIE forklift sales for the past five years. Michel de Weert: Brand recognition is increasing steadily as our marketing efforts pay off. The growth Hyundai Motor Company is undergoing creates a spin-off effect on our products and brand name. Along with a good basic product, these two effects have resulted in a qualified growth, rising above expectations. News: What does HHIE think of this growth trend? Michel de Weert: We hope our growth will keep thriving like this for the next five years. In the mean time, we will prepare ourselves for any threats the future might bring. News: What sort of threats does HHIE anticipate the future to bring? Michel de Weert: Seeing what is going on with Linde, the forklift business will look very different after a takeover has occurred. Resulting from this deal, we might have to face a competitor, even stronger than Linde has been. Nevertheless HHIE will keep on going to prove that we’re up to the challenge and that we can be part of world class suppliers. News: Who are your main competitors in Europe and how do they rank alongside Hyundai? Michel de Weert: Brands like Linde, Toyota, Still and Jungheinrich are at the top of our game. Our ambition is to conquer a place in between those brands. In the mean time we feel like we’re playing at the same level with Doosan, Hyster and Mitsubishi, which is amazing as we have only been present in Europe for five years. News: How important is the European market to HHIE? Michel de Weert: The European forklift market is an indicator for the rest of the world’s forklift business. The European customer is most demanding because the market itself is the oldest one. That is why not only Hyundai but most of the competition focuses on Europe when it comes to new developments and adapted programs. Click here to read the full interview
Cascade names Herre Y. Hoekstra Vice President and Managing Director, Cascade Europe
  • Advertisement - 23 Mar 2006
Almere, The Netherlands--There is a new face at Cascade Europe , the worldwide leading manufacturer of forks and attachments for lift trucks. Herre Y. Hoekstra was recently named Vice President and Managing Director of Cascade Europe . Hoekstra brings extensive senior level management experience to the Cascade Executive Team through various assignments around the world, including Royal Ten Cate and Shell. As a member of Cascade’s global management team Hoekstra will work with the company’s executive team in setting strategic goals for the corporation.
MATEX 2006 gathers significant momentum
  • Advertisement - 16 Mar 2006
According to Exhibition Director this years MATEX exhibition is set to be one of the most dynamic shows seen in recent times with numerous new product releases planned across the entire warehousing equipment spectrum. “ We’re delighted with the manner in which the market has responded to our plans ,” said Tossman, “ the Interactive Warehouse and the “hands on” Seminar Program has obviously hit the mark as far as most exhibitors are concerned and we are expecting a very strong presence from the forklift industry .”
“A mostly French show”
  • News story - 16 Mar 2006
  • PARIS, France
Exhibitors at Manutention 2006 say the handling equipment tradeshow was a success but many maintain it was a “mostly French show”. For Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe, the tradeshow was significant as the company announced a name change for its forklifts. “The previous type designations – HBF, HDF or HLF for the electric, diesel or gas forklifts – are being replaced with the general term Folex, which stands for ’Forklift Excellent’,” Hyundai said in a statement. Hyundai marketing engineer Jan Coemans said Manutention remained a French exhibition. “Of course there is some international interest but you can’t compare it with what CeMAT means to the international forklift world. Probably the international interest for Manutention would be a lot higher if it didn’t follow CeMAT so fast. “But if you want to be seen in the French logistics market, Manutention, without a doubt, is the place to be,” Coemans said. Hyundai unveiled its Folex 25BH-7 forklift with high-voltage battery drive at the show. For Doosan Infracore, European sales & marketing manager Daniel Vanhemelrijck, said the show was an important event for the company to boost brand recognition of Doosan, following Doosan group’s purchase of a controlling stake in Daewoo Heavy Industries and Machinery in 2005 ( News #210 ). “We wanted to show our company’s name change in one of the biggest markets in Europe. Visitor response was surprisingly good, despite our new name. From next year we will apply the Doosan name as a single brand on all our trucks,” Vanhemelrijck said. He said the absence of Doosan Infracore’s competitors, Jungheinrich, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Komatsu and TCM, initially made him think the show was less important than previous shows. Click here to read the full story -- News will publish an exclusive interview with Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe marketing manager Michel de Weert next week.
Bolzoni Auramo “Intelligent” Paper Roll Clamp In Halden, Norway
  • Advertisement - 02 Mar 2006
Bolzoni Auramo delivered three units of the new third generation “Intelligent” paper roll clamp, CTX G3 to Norske Skog, in Halden, Norway. The varying paper quality, roll weight and diameter increased the need to change clamping force during loading of ships. To solve this problem Norske Skog decided to invest in 3 units of 3 tons rotating Bolzoni Auramo intelligent clamps CTX-generation 3 , installed on H45, H50 and H80 Linde fork lifts, delivered by the Norvegian Linde dealer Hesselberg.
Kent O'Sullivan: Helping new employees
  • Safety First - 16 Feb 2006
  • ABBOTSFORD, Canada
We have all been a new employee at one time or other. Try to recall all the training you received on your first day of work and how confident you felt afterwards. As an employer, it is not enough to overwhelm a new employee with information in a short period of time and walk away feeling that due diligence has been served.
MHIA releases quarterly forecast
  • Fork Talk - 19 Jan 2006
  • CHARLOTTE, NC, United States
The Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) has released its comprehensive quarterly materials handling equipment manufacturing (MHEM) forecast.
VULKOLLAN® C (Electrically Conductive): A NEW Vulkoprin Product
  • Advertisement - 17 Jan 2006
Vulkoprin has manufactured polyurethane elastomere Vulkollan® since 1964 and is known for high-quality wheels, castors, rollers, tyres and technical parts. Vulkollan® C (Conductive) is a new product in the Vulkoprin range of materials. Thanks to an intensive research Vulkoprin has succeeded in developing a type of Vulkollan® which is electrically conductive.
Half Price Promotion
  • Advertisement - 12 Jan 2006
Big Swedes go north to Alaska
  • News story - 15 Dec 2005
  • LJUNGBY, Sweden
In this special feature, News reporter Melissa Barnett talks to Svetruck design engineer Daniel Andersson and Alaska Marine Lines (AML) maintenance manager Lester Candee about AML’s forklifts on barges in South East Alaska. Have you ever wondered how freight gets delivered in the most inhospitable areas of the world? In South East Alaska, where all the communities are on islands separated by narrow and often shallow channels of water, freight is delivered by AML barges, using Svetruck or Kaldnes-built forklifts. Daniel Andersson, design engineer with Swedish forklift manufacturer Svetruck, said his company got involved with AML when it acquired Kaldnes in 1999. “Kaldnes had been supplying AML with forklifts and we took over the contract to finish delivery of four trucks AML had on order,” he said. Delivery of those four trucks increased the AML fleet of heavy forklifts to 20. AML approached Svetruck to build a short wheelbase machine that had the same features as the Kaldnes-built truck but an increased lift capacity from 45 tonnes to 55 tonnes. Putting a forklift on a barge full of containers was not a revolutionary idea, Lester Candee, AML maintenance manager, said. Click here for full story and pictures updates its looks…
  • Advertisement - 08 Dec 2005
EBLO SEATING is proud to present its new sales structure for Europe
  • Advertisement - 01 Dec 2005
With the new added warehouse the total stocking facility is now just over 4500m². This together with some new sales people it gives them a better position to deal with the European market and different demands.
Autumn whispers from CeMAT 2005, Hannover
  • News story - 27 Oct 2005
  • HANNOVER, Germany
by the team Hannover city pulled out all stops and offered’s team exceptional autumn weather during CeMAT 2005. The team stayed in the Oststadt-List area of Hannover, an elegant residential suburb with great shopping, pubs, restaurants and the unique Eilenriede forest, a “city forest” named Hannover’s “green lung”, covering 650 hectares in the middle of the city. The picturesque 9th century town of Hameln, home to the Pied Piper legend, is a short train ride. Deutsche Messe AG’s exhibition grounds, where CeMAT was held, were 20 minutes away, via Deutsche Bahn AG’s efficient U-Bahn train. Fortunately, Germans speak good English and were excellent hosts. At times meal sizes were rather generous portions, about double our regular meal intake. CeMAT this year was smaller because it had been separated from Hannover Messe and rebranded as a stand-alone event for the intralogistics sector. Feedback the team received was that the quality of visitors to the show was high and diverse, with many stands welcoming international visitors. “Such trade fairs, with qualitatively high-minded visitors, will undoubtedly gain even more success in the future,” said Dirk Cardoen, Germany area sales manager for TVH. “In the current age of e-business, such an exhibition is an excellent meeting place for business-to-business purposes.”
Linde heads for North America
  • News story - 20 Oct 2005
  • HANNOVER, Germany
Linde AG plans to reach a double digit market share in North America within three to five years. Currently the European market leader’s share in the US market is below five per cent. In an interview with News’s European correspondent Luc de Smet at CeMAT 2005, Linde managing director Georg Silbermann said: “Specialists know us, but we lack fleet and brand position. We must think and work bigger. Obviously there are some serious opportunities. The US market is estimated at 200,000 units for 2006.” Silbermann said Linde’s vast range of trucks was an important differentiator in the market. Therefore, in addressing the American market, Linde would not focus on any industry in particular but would hit the market with its full range of trucks, some 80 to100 base models. “If we want to grow there, we must offer standard classes from 1 to 6. We must meet US specifications and be present in the field.” In North America (Canada, Mexico and the USA) Linde currently has a network of 100 dealers with a total of 200 outlets. “With a market share of only below 5 per cent we must accept that they are multibrand,” Silbermann said. Linde was not looking for more dealers nor was it interested in acquiring existing dealerships. “We are satisfied with the market coverage our current set up can provide. We must feed our current dealers. Naturally we will encourage them to go mono-brand with the full range of Linde trucks,” he said. Linde has 200 people in North America. Two years ago it established a head office in South Carolina. Linked to the head office is an assembly/modification line with a warehouse and stock. It also has a training centre. Current workshop production is 1,500 units, “but that can easily be brought up to 5,000 without major changes”, Silbermann said. “The most critical thing is to have the right product that meets local specifications and the network.” Click here for full story and pictures.
Machinery-onQ Listings
  • 2004 | Used - Sale
  • Germany
  • EUR 7,000
Svetruck 320
  • Svetruck320
  • 2008 | Used - Sale
  • Germany
  • EUR 18,000
Elme 558-5293
  • Elme558-5293
  • 2003 | Used - Sale
  • Germany
  • EUR 15,000
  • SvetruckSPREADER
  • 1993 | Used - Sale
  • Germany
  • EUR 25,000
  • 2015 | Used - Sale
  • Germany
  • EUR 2,000
  • 2008 | Used - Sale
  • Germany
  • EUR 20,000
Fantuzzi SPREADER-SF31
  • FantuzziSPREADER-SF31
  • 2001 | Used - Sale
  • Germany
  • EUR 25,000
  • 2014 | Used - Sale
  • Germany
  • EUR 2,000
Jungheinrich ERC212
  • JungheinrichERC212
  • 2014 | Used - Sale
  • Germany
  • EUR 4,200
Brand-Unknown 40.000KG-SPREADER
  • Brand-Unknown40.000KG-SPREADER
  • 2017 | Used - Sale
  • Germany
  • EUR 22,000