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Safety First
Rob Vetter: Site and equipment training must be specific
17 August 2006
Training delivered on any equipment other than that which the operator is assigned to use is not acceptable. Any performance evaluation performed outside the operator's workplace is not acceptable. Those kinds of operator training are non-compliant and therefore unacceptable.
Fork Talk
“You can’t win unless you’ve been nominated”
27 July 2006
The UK Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) has opened nominations for its 2007 awards for excellence, popularly known as the Archies.
Safety First
Rob Vetter: The evaluation process
20 July 2006
Your training efforts will eventually lead to an evaluation in which trainees demonstrate their knowledge and/or skills. However, a successful evaluation does not necessarily mean no further training is required.
Fork Talk
Chicago company fined for forklift death
13 July 2006
The US Department of Labour's Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has fined a Chicago company USD165,200 after a worker fell from a forklift and died.
Fork Talk
AEM holds open house
29 June 2006
The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) held an open house last Thursday to showcase its new headquarters and inform visitors on its work and the industry it serves.
Safety First
Rob Vetter: Are they getting it?
22 June 2006
As a trainer, you must take deliberate, calculated steps in the classroom and in the field to evaluate your trainees' level of understanding.
Fork Talk
Learn from other’s mistakes - P&O fined AUD500,000
15 June 2006
A Victorian County court this week fined P&O Ports Ltd AUD500,000 (USD369,800) after a worker fell more than eight metres into the hold of a ship and died.
Fork Talk
Skills shortage critical in Australia
8 June 2006
According to Inside ICHCA, ICHCA Australia Ltd's monthly e-newsletter, a critical shortage of skilled workers in the AUD60 billion (USD44.5billion)-a-year transport and logistics industry could threaten the country's future economic growth. A major contributing factor to the skills shortage was the industry's low profile among job seekers.
Cargo Chat
Issue #8: Container cranes
1 June 2006
A recent tragic incident in which a manoeuvring ship struck a quayside container crane and caused it to collapse, killing one person, has highlighted the crane's vulnerability. One feature of large quayside ship-to-shore cranes is that, to maximise their outreach, most are positioned so the front legs are very close to the quay edge ...
Fork Talk
China expo attracts global participation
1 June 2006
The inaugural CONEXPO Asia 2006 attracted more than 13,100 visitors from more than 75 countries. Top attendee nations were China, Australia, the USA, Korea and India. International visitors accounted for 18 per cent of total attendance. Chinese attendees included those from Hong Kong and Macau.

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