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Industry Type: Materials handling
Current Occupation: Sales
Personal Preferences

Material Handling Specialist

Senior sales/service professional with over twenty year accomplished career working in the Material Handling Industry. Exceptional communicator with a consultative sales style, strong negotiation skills, exceptional problem solving abilities, and a keen client needs assessment aptitude.

Materials handling

Full time


United States


Professional Profile


Founder and President 1992 - Present

Purchased all industrial battery and charger equipment from Voltex Batteries Inc. and began and managed successful company for over 14 years. Generated substantial revenue for several industrial battery manufacturers such as Trojan Battery, Hawker/KW Powersource, Sackett Systems, and Bulldog Battery.

 Sold industrial battery and charger equipment, negotiated contracts, and provided warehouse consulting and equipment trouble shooting expertise to the following companies: Federated Department Stores Inc., Biolabs, Volvo, JCPenny, Sears, Kroger, Monroe, Lockheed, Haggar, General Motors, Coca Cola, Ford and many others.
 Traveled extensively all over the country to achieve high customer satisfaction and provide tier-one support to customers whom move product 24 hours a day and can not afford to have non functioning equipment.
 Provided warehouse consultation to customers to improve efficiency while lowering operational cost.
 Installed and trained several customers on battery change out systems. These systems included the following equipment: Batteries, Battery Stands, Guide Rails, Hydro Handlers, Battery Chargers, and Watering Systems.
 Secured the first production plant order, from large corporation, for Bulldog Battery Corporation and Sackett Systems in 1995. This order generated substantial review for these two suppliers.
 Traveled to several battery and charger manufacturer plants and provided information to help improve product quality and reliability. Persuaded two large industrial battery charger manufacturers to produce specific dual voltage charger for large customer. This new dual voltage charger provided a much needed cost reduction solution to our customer and generated substantial revenue.
 Wrote the first specifications and installed first pallet truck stations in large customer warehouses all over the country. These specifications, which reduced this customer's cost and equipment down time, are now a standard used by this company and many others as well.
 Operated one of the most advanced industrial battery and charger service center for batteries which is capable of many tests and procedures not available in other locations.


 Battery Material Handling Equipment
 Industrial Battery and Chargers
 Lift Truck Sales, Service, and Specifications
 New Business Generation
 Customer Education and Training
 Warehouse Consulting
 Account Management
 Pricing and Closing
 Sales Growth and Revenue Generation
 Customer to R&D communication
 Customer Satisfaction and Support
 Negotiating Contracts
 Trade Show Presentations
 Management Experience


Started and ran successful industrial battery and charger business in Georgia, Allied Industrial Battery and Equipment Company for 14 years. This business generated substantial revenue for several material handling equipment companies.
Designed and installed industrial batteries, chargers, and battery handling equipment in numerous bottling plants for Coca Cola Enterprises throughout the country for 14 years. This generated substantial revenue for business and manufacturers.
Received 4 awards from Bulldog Battery Corporation as one of the top industrial battery sellers in the United States.
Received award from Hawker/KW Powersource as top industrial battery charger seller in the United States.
Received Atlanta Sales Marketing Executive Award as top lift truck sales in Metro Atlanta area.
Received numerous prize and equipment awards from industrial battery and charger manufacturers for being a top sales representative.


Extensive knowledge of batteries, chargers, and material handling equipment
manufactured by: Bulldog Battery Corporation, Ferromagnetics, Applied Energy
Solutions, Hawker/KW Powersource, and Gould Inc.
Extensive knowledge of all major manufactured lift truck equipment.
Extensive knowledge of electronics and hydraulics manufactured by Otis Elevator
Extensive knowledge of battery handling equipment manufactured by: Sackets
Systems, Materials Transport Company (MTC), Battery Handling Systems (BHS), and Multi-Shifter Inc.
Have traveled to several industrial battery and charger plants for education and training in design, manufacturing, and service of equipment.
Attended Lift Parts Manufacturer (LPM) training school in Chicago.
Attended Georgia State University for two years majoring in Marketing.
Computer proficient using Windows, Word, Power Point, and Excel.
Willing to travel for any business needs.


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