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Discussion: Toyota 7HBW23 error code E112

Kansas, United States
  Bought the Electric Pallet Jack and it was running fine.
turn on the unit, LCD displayed 428 hours, then 100% battery. move jack up and down, it works. The moment I tilt down the handle, error code E112 pops up on the LCD screen and it won't move forward or back, jacks wont' go up and down.
anyone know what that code is?

Posted 15 Jul 2010 09:47 AM  

Kansas, United States
  I had a tech came in to take a look at it. the tech is also from the same company that sold me the pallet jack.
The tech said that it is the battery, but I don't quite buy it as when I boot up the pallet jack, it said 100% on the display, and I have barely used it for 30 mins.
I do not have the charger installed yet (need to hardwire to a line), so I can't tested if it will be different after i charge.

Posted 20 Jul 2010 06:19 AM  

North Carolina, United States
  The jack has two angle arm switches that have to be made in order when you pull the handle down. The 1st switsh closes between 6 & 46 degrees. The second closes beyond 46 degrees. The 1st switch is probably not working and it is only seeing the lower switch close. The switches are located below the plastic handle stop at the base of the handle.

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