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Forum: Warehouse storage and handling
Discussion:  inventory control software
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Kentucky, United States
we are small company and are looking to streamline our inventory control system beyond spreadsheets and the manual labor involved in keeping them updated. can anyone personally recommend a software they've had success with or one they've seen in action? i've looked around and can only find advertising but no testimonials for our application. any thoughts or ideas or warnings would be appreciated.


Posted 8 May 2007 02:36 AM Reply  Report this message
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Wisconsin, United States
For small companies, your best bet is to look for addon modules from the software company that makes your accounting software OR 3rd party addon products that have interfaces to your accounting software.  If you are using a popular accounting package, there are usually a fair number of addon products to choose from. Hopefully you'll find something within this group that will meet your needs. If not, you are forced to find an inventory package and integrate it with your system (can get expensive) or run a standalone inventory system (not usually a good idea) or look for an integrated accounting and inventory system that meets your needs and scrap your current accounting system.

Posted 11 May 2007 01:52 AM Reply  Report this message
Kentucky, United States
thanks for the reply. when you says accounting software my thoughts are that you would be referring to Quickbooks-which is what we use to generate orders, invoices, purchaser orders and maintain customer and vendor info. we also use it to file items by part number. are you suggesting we look to Quickbooks for the addon product? who would be a provider of the "inventory package" you mention and would the expense be in the software or labor to transfer the above info into it or both?


Posted 11 May 2007 02:16 AM Reply  Report this message
New South Wales, Australia

Do you have warehouse as well. If you do the Naxtor WMS solution  is recommended. It has inventory control modules as well as all solution including picking receiving , physical count . It can also be integrated with MYOB. I can provide more information if you want me to.

Supply Chain & Warehouse Management System (WMS) Expert

Posted 4 Aug 2007 04:07 PM Reply  Report this message
Kentucky, United States
We do have a warehouse. I have looked into several systems and the one that seemed most likely came in around (USD)$13,000. More info would be appreciated regardless of the price. Thanks for the reply.

Posted 6 Aug 2007 09:01 PM Reply  Report this message
New South Wales, Australia

The solution details is given below. I can organize the demo if you want me to. Briefly what it can do in terms of inventory management is given below. 13000 is lot. Our solution is for $5000. We can customise it anytime also.

Our solution work by linking the warehouse workers to the backend application server where warehouse activities are being recorded via a wireless handheld device. The handheld device tells employees where to go to pick, put away, count, or move product within the warehouse. This translates to a better control over the movement and storage of materials within the warehouse, it maximise the efficiency of the receipt, optimise warehouse space utilization and know at all times exactly where goods are stored,- allowing employees and warehouse employees to pick pack items quickly thus  improving service levels.

The system will direct the warehouse employees to pick pallets against n number of orders. The system directs the picker to the specified location and scans the product barcode to confirm the correct item has been picked in the correct quantity. This will create a paperless environment as well as WMS assign employees specific areas of responsibility in the warehouse.
The barcode data is entered into the Warehouse Management Solution, including the measurements, location, number of products in a box, number of boxes on a pallet and storage conditions and provides up to minute information for picking of a single order or multiple orders.

When items are received to be put away into the warehouse locations; the system would either scan in the incoming items barcodes or if there is no barcode system would print a barcode label and attach to the pallet.

The bar code assigned to items would store all the information about the box’s contents i.e. tracking fields (serial & lot numbers, etc). The system would automatically manage safety stock, re-order quantities and would send alert to purchasing department in situation where safety stock reaches below its threshold value.

Supply Chain & Warehouse Management System (WMS) Expert

Posted 7 Aug 2007 05:01 PM Reply  Report this message
Kentucky, United States
I went to Naxtor's wesite and found the page "Warehouse Inventory Tracking Solution". Is this the product you are referring to? We use certain websites to post and maintain our database of parts listings and they have been down for up to a day at a time. What has been your history of server performance in this regard? I like the idea of the product being customisable. Do you have a stateside sales representative? Is there any way to integrate this with UPS Worldship software?

Posted 7 Aug 2007 09:03 PM Reply  Report this message
New South Wales, Australia

Yes it is. Server is always up 99.99% . The software has no impact on failing the server. It uses MSSQL 2005. We have done several implementation in USA but we are based in Sydney . You can let know your contact detail and I will call you at your convenient time.

Posted 9 Aug 2007 11:29 AM Reply  Report this message
New South Wales, Australia

New pallet control software can be found at Cartera Platinum. Cost effective analysis. Just Google Cartera Platinum and follow the links.

Modified 26 Mar 2008 07:12 AM
by poster.
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Greather Manchester, United Kingdom

have a look at systems from key computer applications in leigh lancashire, service management systems and stock control systems for the forklift industries

Posted 14 May 2009 00:42 AM Reply  Report this message
Connecticut, United States
In my experience, it is best to have one integrated system instead of several seperate processes. One system allows for data accuracy, increased efficiency, and less user interface.
If you are interested in upgrading your Quickbooks program to ADVANTAGE Software (a completely integrated, industry specific ERP program) please let me know. We have a great promotion that we are running for $700 off for companies switching from Quickbooks. I would be happy to provide you demonstrations and direct you to the coupon.

Myra Wright
RMI Corporation
800-252-5011 ext. 653

Posted 14 Oct 2009 06:49 AM Reply  Report this message
Tamilnadu, India
Hi Jeremiah... You can try Contalog, is an online inventory control system built for small business promises of ditching out all the small business inventory management woos.

Here is a briefing of how Contalog's inventory control system can help for your small business :

1. Centralize Inventory
2. Adjust Stocks
3. Bin Location
4. Warehouse Specific Stock
5. Stock Status Updates
6. Stock Transfers Between Warehouses
7. User Activity Monitoring
8. Low Stock Alerts
9. Purchase Orders Sync with Inventory
10. Sales Network Management

I hope this information helps !

Posted 3 Oct 2016 09:27 PM Reply  Report this message
Maharashtra, India
If this could be helpful to someone. I am using Challan and Invoice Printing System - PRO for my small business needs. It helps me in properly managing my purchases, sales, Inventory and Accounting. Do give it a try.

Modified 15 Oct 2016 00:53 AM
by poster.
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New South Wales, Australia
We used a program called Powerhouse from a mob called TALLSHIPS in my last job... was excellent...

Now we use Mouldy old SAP... Designed BY Accountants FOR accountants... oh, and other workers too...

Posted 26 Oct 2016 02:45 PM Reply  Report this message
Tehran, Iran
We were a small Equipment Rental company, and we searched for an application used by famous and big companies to see what they use.
Then I reviewed the feature of that software to see if they can fulfill my needs or not. Or what my future needs may be. The reason to do so is that we cannot change our program every now and then. I found Rental Tracker Pro. Only a few of its features were enough to completely achieve what we are looking for. However we are happy with our choice, because as our company grows the software can completely satisfy us and we do NOT need to move to a new software. to see the features you can see their website:  rentaltracker[dot]com

Posted 3 Jan 2017 06:53 PM Reply  Report this message
Manchester, United Kingdom

I could recommend you to hire middle-sized development company that could create warehouse inventory management software - For example? look at this article:

It was published by Cleveroad company

Cleveroad - Mobile and web development

Modified 28 Apr 2017 05:49 PM
by poster.
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delhi, India

We have a software which will resolve your issues for sure. ITs called ULMS (unit load management system) and I am sure it will work for you.

Please let me know if you want to know more about it.

Posted 22 Sep 2017 05:45 PM Reply  Report this message
Florida, United States
Please call us at 321-726-9587 X101 or email to vasu at
itsystems dot com and we can certainly help.

Vasu Vasudevan
321-726-9587 X 101
vasu at itsystems dot com

Modified 23 Sep 2017 08:33 AM
by administrator.
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delhi, India
We are using ULMS (Unit load management system) for effective inventory handling. Please DM me if you want to know more about the same.

Posted 11 Oct 2017 08:34 PM Reply  Report this message
Maharashtra, India
There are some inventory control software such as
EZOfficeInventory,Windward System Five,MapYourTag,Snappii Mobile Apps etc.

Posted 9 Nov 2017 03:46 PM Reply  Report this message
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