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Forum: Lifting machines
Discussion:  About time I replaced my 1974 Lansing FODR6 3.0 I think! Buy Nissan?
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Sussex, United Kingdom

I have had a very old diesel 3 ton Lansing Bagnall for 4 years now.

pic at www

It works OK in warm weather but is a bit tiresome to start in winter usually needing a jump start. Also now the handbrake cable has snapped (new one is £90 and looks hard to fit) and also a couple of the mast side thrust roller bearings have broken and one of the large bearings doesn't seem to go round anymore.

Bearings seem to be only available from Linde. If this was a car I'd be off down the breakers finding some used parts but not so easy with Forklifts it seems. I;m relucant to throw hundreds of pounds at it.

So I want to get something a bit newer and was thinking late 80s early 90s Nissan. Why Nissan? Because my hobby is old Datsuns and Nissans so it would be kinda appropriate and I like the way they build things usually. I was also thinking of propane instead of diesel for easier starting in cold weather. The truck would not get used much, maybe once a month and then only for a few minutes, just when a diesel is starting to run properly !

Truck is for private use moving old cars around the farm so I don't need certificates and such.

Saw one truck recently for sale but it was a compact which is probably not ideal for me due to the tiny wheels. I can't seem to find any gas Nissans in the 2 to 3 ton capacity, in my pricerange which is £1500 to £2500. (2500 gbp) I don't mind something tatty or needing some silly repair like a waterpump or alternator or some electrical work or a new seat or something, I was wondering if anyone could ask around for anything for sale, must be something out there. Also what other makes do you think I should consider or avoid, I was told to avoid Fiat due to parts availability issues, but other than that I'm a bit clueless. Thankyou.

Will O7702 3486O4 Gatwick Area.

Modified 3 Jun 2011 10:57 AM
by poster.
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lancashire, United Kingdom
stick with diesel, l.p.g's just as bad if not worse in the winter.

Posted 4 Jun 2011 01:47 AM Reply  Report this message
Staffordshire, WM, United Kingdom

Food for thought. the scrap value of your Lansing if it is a 3 tonne capacity machine weighing around 4.5 tonnes will be in the region of £1000.  so if you are about to spend £1500 on another machine, what will you get?

Posted 5 Jun 2011 05:07 AM Reply  Report this message
Sussex, United Kingdom

something somebody wants £500 more than the scrapman will give?  :)  Actually I'm not sure if the scrap price is quite that high, its about 170 /ton around here. I do see your point though, and technically I could get probably £700 scrap for my truck (i would have to pay for transport to scrap yard) but I hate scrapping things which the right person could fix up or break.

Posted 5 Jun 2011 09:47 PM Reply  Report this message
Sussex, United Kingdom

I have been offered a Daewoo G25E 3 LPG truck, 2001 model, has water leak and 12,000 hours. Its under £2000

Edit: I got it cheaper and have discovered the inlet manifold is leaking (corroded through waterway) and also one core plug has a hole. I doubt I will find an inlet manifold easily so might remove and see if I can get it TIG welded.

Machine has Cascade telescopic forks installed which were seized but I managed to get them moving.

Modified 10 Jun 2011 04:57 AM
by poster.
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Sussex, United Kingdom

Manifold all sorted, repaired waterpipe and replaced 2 core plugs, thermostat, Truck runs great now. Cost of parts and welding 20 gbp :)  Have sold the lansing to a forklift dealer.

Modified 17 Jul 2011 09:03 PM
by poster.
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