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Forum: Lifting machines
Discussion:  Cold Start issues with late model Toyotas and cheap LPG
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California, United States
I have heard rumors that new inexpensive Propane is leading to difficulties when starting cold 4Y engines in late model Toyotas. And that the higher content of oil in the LPG is thickening and clogging ports/ valves. And that there is a quick fix, that I am unaware of. Can anybody forward me this info. Thanks in advance!

Posted 1 Feb 2019 02:31 AM Reply  Report this message
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Georgia, United States
It  happen to  all LP fuel trucks, not just Toyota's with  crappy LPG fuel. There is a specific LP fuel grade you need to use or make certain your LP fuel supplier is using to minimize this  condition. Can't recall  the name been out of the business for 12 years.  But someone will let you know.
If you LP fuel supplier  is using low grade LP fuel, he is probably  charging your for the remaining fuel  in the return tanked and only fill the tank to something less than the tank rated capacity.
Of  topic, but similar a "good" bar tender will  give you a 7/8 oz shot and charge you for a  full 1 oz shot.  The house will get 3 more more  pours out of a fifth (25 oz/fifth.) & the customer won't know the difference.

Posted 1 Feb 2019 04:20 AM Reply  Report this message
California, United States
Here is a link that explains it a little better and the grade that you most likely are getting.
Also depending on how late model the early ones with the Aisin fuel system were known to have issues like this.  I worked for a Toyota dealer and we would convert the fuel system to Impco on brand new trucks because of this.

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[url/email removed] . propane101 . com/propanegradesandquality . htm

Posted 1 Feb 2019 06:37 AM Reply  Report this message
Nebraska, United States
The grade most manufactures are recommending is HD5. In California I believe they also use HD10. This has been a problem on all makes and fuel systems. If there is a simple fix I sure have not seen or heard of it.

Posted 1 Feb 2019 08:36 AM Reply  Report this message
North Carolina, United States

this problem is not new
if you check any lift truck mfg fuel recommendations they all state to use HD5.
The problem comes with the LPG providers listing the quality of their product accurately and honestly. If they are advertising a cheaper price i would be weary and have the fuel quality tested.
The other issue is how they maintain their holding tanks and the tanks they use to provide to consumers. If they are not routinely cleaned the oil content can build up after many refills and that in itself can contribute to the problem of excessive oil content creeping into the final product sold to the consumer.

Simple solution is if you are having issues with LPG quality, confront the provider, if they do not do anything to investigate the issue and correct it, then discontinue their service and find someone else that can.

If you don't have that option then the more complicated thing to do is try and make the lift run cooler because it's been proven that the hotter temps that lifts run at do contribute to causing the separation of the oil from the LPG more likely and create the excessive waxing that builds up in the converters.

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Posted 1 Feb 2019 11:14 PM Reply  Report this message
I am also facing same issue

online mechanical course

Posted 6 Feb 2019 05:55 PM Reply  Report this message
California, United States
After reading all the replies to my post. I have learned that cleaning the "gummy" substances out of the regulator that is more than likely caused by the propylene in the fuel helps. It more than likely will be only a temporary fix, as long as the fuel supplier keeps delivering propane that is less favorable than HD5, i.e. HD10 or Commercial Propane. The lower the quality of fuel the more propylene in it. Propylene is used to make plastic, which explains the "gummy" substance.

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