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Forum: Lifting machines
Discussion:  Linde H30D Error Codes
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Texas, United States
I have a 2007 Linde H30D that Im having issues with.  When I purchased the unit is was giving an error code of T231-T244. The unit starts and runs perfectly, the mast goes up and down but with the error code is displayed the foot controls will not work to make the machine drive forward or backwards.  I started and stopped the unit several times and finally the code didn’t display and it functioned correctly.  The guy I purchased it from said this happens intermittently so it will work sometimes and others it wont when the code is displayed.  I took it to a Linde dealer to have the issue resolved and we replaced the potentiometer switch for the pedals but that did not fix the issues.  Now they are telling me one of the computers is not original to the machine so they are not able to do diagnostics correctly.  They thought they could get a pass code from Linde to allow them to reprogram the computer to make all the VIN numbers match but are now saying Linde will not allow that and it will cost $2,400 for a new computer.  Any suggestions before I'm forced to buy the new computer??

Thank you!

Posted 28 Jun 2018 04:28 AM Reply  Report this message
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OR, Italy
Error 231 Traction
The control unit has recognized that the sum of the voltages (N1: 49, N1: 32) of the accelerator potentiometer (1B2) supplied by the working potentiometer and the control potentiometer gives an inadmissible value.

Effects on the cart:

Possible causes:
1. Defective throttle potentiometer (1B2).
2. Connections between the accelerator potentiometer (1B2) and control unit (N1: 1, N1: 32, N1: 49, N1: 61) defective.

Error 244 Traction
The control unit has recognized that without internal control the internal safety relay is closed.

Effects on the cart:

Possible causes:
1. Voltage peaks or drops in the voltage supply.
2. Defective control unit.

Posted 28 Jun 2018 05:51 AM Reply  Report this message
Auckalnd, New Zealand

Dont be mislead by what they are telling you.
What controller are they saying is not original?
If they changed the potentiometer and the fault is still there I would get them to check the gear arrangement in the pedals
Get them to do a continuity check on the 4 wires from the potentiometer to the controller.
If all is good then I would suspect the controller but highly unlikely.

Posted 28 Jun 2018 07:25 PM Reply  Report this message
Texas, United States
Thank you for the advise.  I'll have them check the gear arrangement and check continuity.  They said its the hydraulic controller, the one right under the seat beside the VW engine controller.  its towards the outside of the machine.

Posted 29 Jun 2018 04:00 AM Reply  Report this message

They must change the 3 plastic gears when installing a new potentiometer. The absolute slightest amount of play in them will create this problem.


Posted 29 Jun 2018 09:43 PM Reply  Report this message
Texas, United States
My Linde dealer came back saying this:

"The question we posed to KION/Linde was “is it was possible to swap the controllers between 393-01 trucks (H2X393R00879 & H2X393P01407).” Unfortunately, they are telling us that is not possible.

Now, the code T244 is referencing the safety relay. This relays is an internal component that is welded inside the controller (LHC), see below. So, if this relay fails then you have to replace the whole controller – this is where we are currently at."

I have a picture but the site wont let me post it...

Is it possible to solder a new relay on the board to keep from buying a replacement for $2,400?

Modified 4 Jul 2018 06:36 AM
by poster.
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Auckalnd, New Zealand
There are 2 safety relays in the controller
I'm sure you could get it fixed somewhere.
I'm also sure that you can use the controller from the the other machine you mentioned.
Nothing to lose I'm 99% sure it will work for you.

Posted 4 Jul 2018 05:47 PM Reply  Report this message
West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
I would be very suprised if controller isnt interchangable
Can you post part number of both? (390360-.-.-.-) we can then look at supersesion order
Did linde dealer plug into truck? Usually when safety relay goes down you get high error number in memory >400
While they had laptop on forklift did you notice if it showed asterixes where serial nimber should be?
I have had good success with TVH repairs on these controllers, usually in region of uk £400

Modified 5 Jul 2018 06:02 AM
by poster.
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Texas, United States
Hey Ian, they did plug in a laptop but I wasn't there to see what it said. They claim to have had difficulty connecting since there are two different computers with different VIN numbers attached.  I think I'm just going to pick the truck up at this point.  If you start and kill the truck around 4-6 times then the code will clear and it will function properly.  If I cant find someone to repair the board locally what's the chances of sending it over to you and having your guys fix it?

Thank you!

Posted 17 Jul 2018 00:08 AM Reply  Report this message
Texas, United States

The other controller has been in the truck for over two years and worked correctly.  Since its not the original, the dealer is telling me it wont work and I need a new one which seems 100% inaccurate since its been working already.  I have zero confidence in what they are telling me and I really don't think the new controller would fix it anyways.

Posted 17 Jul 2018 00:10 AM Reply  Report this message
West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
hi PerryC
where are you getting year from? R is 2003 and P is 2004, if yours is a 2007 it should be a U in serial number!
just been looking through parts software, looks like there may be difference between gas & diesel controllers, not sure what as I sure I have swapped between in the past.
you should be able to swap controllers up until W year, if yours are both diesel there isn't a problem as there is only a year between them.
there is no need to change serial number, when you plug in it will just show apteryxes instead of serial number, as far as I am aware only high level techs in Germany can change numbers -
I had design engineer on site with me when these trucks were first released and his software didn't look anything like mine!
you would have to re-calibrate levers, pedals & tilt to make swap work correctly.
I think you are being misled by dealer who isn't sure how to repair??
it may sound obvious but have you checked all earth connectors?
I have had quite a few where main earth joints (around oil filter) have needed cleaning, this could give you power spikes to controller (about 8 brown wires under cap screw)
I would also be checking wiring in fuse box, we had a service bulletin around T year that outlined a fault in wiring crimps - the insulation around wire had been partly crimped instead of bare wire and gave intermittent faults.
the other thing I would be checking is free pedal (accelerator) movement - if it is sticking / stiff it wont return to neutral position and could give similar fault as potentiometer faulty.
strip out pedals, clean and dry lube, check springs haven't broken and that pedal action is smooth.
controller can be sent for repair if you want, the only thing I would say is that after repair it would probably have to be calibrated by Linde software and from how you describe fault I would be looking at wiring first.

Modified 17 Jul 2018 08:00 AM
by poster.
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Texas, United States
So after the dealer not being able to fully diagnose the truck and me not willing to give them $5,000 because they “think” a new controller will fix it, I went and picked it up and brought it home.  They believe the relay on the circuit board is intermittent and say it can’t be replaced.

They claim Linde told them it 100% will not work with a controller from a different truck (which is in it now and has been for 3 years) but it works perfectly sometimes and other it doesn’t move when the code is thrown.  If I start and kill it a few times it clears and functions as normal.

My serial number is: H2X393P01407 so I think this means 2004 model?

The controller in it has the following written in sharpie:

“Known good controller out of unit 335
SN HLX393R00879
Back tilt 7*
Forward 5*”

It has the factory barcode and numbers on this controller, would it help if I posted those too?

I’m able to use the truck, it’s just annoying having to clear the code and I don’t want it to lead to other issues. Any suggestions on where to go from here?

Posted 30 Jul 2018 01:05 PM Reply  Report this message

Going back, did you or they change the plastic gears in the accelerator switch. If not, you are just wasting your time until you do. I believe that it will solve your problem.


Posted 30 Jul 2018 09:10 PM Reply  Report this message
Texas, United States
I asked them and the response was that the gears are part of the switch and its one unit.  They had to start and stop the machine until the code cleared so they could calibrate the new switch.  I've never installed one but does this sound normal?  I can pull it apart if needed to verify if their process doesn't match what you're suggesting.

Posted 30 Jul 2018 10:35 PM Reply  Report this message
West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
hi Perry,
  post your email in your profile,
  on the controller there should be a 10 digit part number, it will start 390.360.****
if you can post this number and also the number from your other truck it will help - I am showing 43 versions of controller and I still use lindos, there could be even more in LSG
as for changing the gears, they are not part of the potentiometer, they are installed under the pot and have a part number of 350.527.4700 and 000.973.9204 - these are common to 350 and 39x range

Modified 31 Jul 2018 05:15 AM
by poster.
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Texas, United States
I added my email address in my profile. The controller in my machine is 390.360.63.60. I do not have the factory installed controller for my truck. It came with this unit in it when it was purchased. I’ll pull the floor board off tonight and see what I can find about the pedals and the new potentiometer that was installed.

Posted 31 Jul 2018 09:42 AM Reply  Report this message
Texas, United States
So I removed the floor board and confirmed the potentiometer and the gears inside are new. Now after re-installing I can’t get the code T232_T233 to clear.

Posted 31 Jul 2018 12:13 AM Reply  Report this message
West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
both these faults look like a wire to accelerator pot is either open or shorted.
you need to test cables for continuity back to controller.
it could also be a faulty pot (not often but don't overlook)

Posted 1 Aug 2018 05:28 AM Reply  Report this message
Texas, United States
Does anyone have the controller pin wiring diagram? Or know which pins the potentiometer are? I need to check continuity but was trying to not break the whole harness open to trace wires.

Posted 9 Aug 2018 01:34 PM Reply  Report this message
South Africa
Hi PerryC.
I have been reading your conversation because I also have a similar problem with my clients machine.
The pins that you are looking for on your 1B2 accelerator potentiometer are:
Potentiometer pin (wire colour) controller pin
:2 (red & black):49
:3 (blue) :32
:1 (brown & green) :61

I am also working on a Linde 394D machine giving the T244 error. error only appears if you switch ON machine only, but if I switch off and crank it same time, the error does not come up. Yesterday I fitted a new controller and calibrated the joysticks, accelerator pot and tilt angle sensor, fitted an extra earth wire on the controller body, set the accelerator pot to be 2.5v on neutral. with all this done, the error never went away, I can hear the relay clicking in the controller when I switch it ON and OFF.

Posted 10 Aug 2018 05:31 AM Reply  Report this message
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