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Discussion:   the future of materials handling equipment
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I have been asked on many occasions about how the materials handling market will change. I'm now very confident that with in 12 - 18 months the materials handling market will be totally different than what it is today. We have now seen massive leaps in technology that will allow for a 100% zero emission fork lift , mobile container handling equipment and warehousing equipment that will not only out perform what is on offer today , but do it at a competitive  price as well. This new machinery will not need all the hydraulic pumps, hoses, coupling or oil that today's machines needs. They would be much more efficient as the power needed will be much lower .

There has also been a new development in the fuel people will use to power their materials handling machines. Diesel will be gone in materials handling equipment with in five years. hydrogen will also be shown to be to expensive for this type of  equipment. leaving a totally new concept in  fuel, lifting, lowering, tilting and steering to drive the materials handling industry into the the sustainable future

Modified 4 May 2018 10:44 PM
by poster.
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Nebraska, United States
If this where true than I will have a flyng car next week and I will never have to pay an electric bill again, and no fuel bills for my flying car. What a great world we live in!!!

Modified 4 May 2018 11:35 PM
by poster.
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Meanwhile, back on earth....

We fix'em cause it's our hobby. We bill'em cause we gotta make a living.

Posted 5 May 2018 00:44 AM Reply  Report this message
Texas, United States
Maintenance free? What do us ignorant , white trailer trash have to do for a living when these units hit the market? It has to be maintenance free, sounds so wonderful................

Posted 5 May 2018 01:13 AM Reply  Report this message
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ok lets look at what you have said Firstly you would not have to pay for your electric, If you lived in southern California and have solar panels with a battery storage system you would not have to pay for your electric, second flying car If you lived in Dubai you will be able to get a flying Taxi within 18 month.

I never said the trucks will be totally maintenance free they will be around 70 – 80 % lower than a traditional forklift. Why don’t forklift OEM’S use this technology today because they make around 40% of the turnover from their spare parts business. The technology is readily available but OEM’S don’t want to incorporate into their product. You will see them go the same way as Nokia and Blackbury. Both these companies knew about the new mobile phone tech-nology they just chose to ignore it and hoped no one would produce a product using it  

The customer now wants the change and the customer will drive this change. Like it or not the market not only will change but it will have to change to meet the customers’ require-ments

GET READY FOR A WONDERFUL NEW LIFE, If the company you work dosent innovate and move with the new times you wont have a job any way because some one else has  

You either Innovate or Die

Modified 5 May 2018 03:13 AM
by poster.
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Nebraska, United States
By your reasoning 80% of us will not have a job regardless. I guess I will just go hang myself.

Posted 5 May 2018 05:10 AM Reply  Report this message
Nebraska, United States
And, How can I afford to buy overpriced solar panels when I lost my job?

Posted 5 May 2018 05:11 AM Reply  Report this message
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
servicing will become much more easier, there will be exchange units that can be quickly and easily removed or fitted. Allowing for better time management on service work.

the materials handling industry is no different to any other industries new companies are coming along all the time and disrupting old industries that have just got comfortable and have not innovated.

How many people on here use Air BnB, Google, UBER how many will use Virgin Hyperloop  

If your worried about your job my suggestion would be look to an innovative company to work for. Yes companies will go but new better companies will take there place.

Just reading post on here you wonder how some companies if what is said is true survive anyway

Posted 5 May 2018 05:50 AM Reply  Report this message
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
can you name two innovative companies in the materials handling industry.

Posted 5 May 2018 05:53 AM Reply  Report this message
Nebraska, United States
I am 63, who the hell would hire me at my age and attempt to retrain me. I have worked for the leader in our territory for 4 decades. Am I suppose to quit and go look for a startup that does not exist? You might be right on the future technologies but it will never happen in the time window you are stating. Hell, equipment being delivered now will not be retired for 5-7 years from now. Big corporations do not jump on new technologies the day after it is unveiled. Maybe in Dubai where money flows like water they do.

Posted 5 May 2018 06:22 AM Reply  Report this message
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Is this why  Anheuser-Busch has just ordered 800 class 8 semis from new start up company Nikola motors at over $300,000 each truck.

You say it wont happen, the customer wants a sustainable product with less maintenance costs. Battery trucks wont really match up to what they want so you have to innovate to give them what they need.

And as for cost's the new type of trucks can be on the market at a lower price than conventional trucks of today. they utilize better technology allowing for shorter manufacturing times easier maintenance and a lower price

sustainability will be at the fore front of customer purchases over the next couple of Years. we have spoken to major organizations who have all told us they would purchase a sustainable product that had less maintenance cost  

i was wants told of a lady who was in her 80's. she had always wanted to be a Doctor so even in her 80's she went back to collage studied and got her doctorate. She passed away soon after but she had achieved her aim of  becoming a doctor. you are never to old to do something new if you really want to.

Modified 5 May 2018 07:41 AM
by poster.
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Companies have invested millions in switching to hydrogen. That doesn't mean hydrogen is the future nor that it was a good decision.
I think the future is in autonomous warehousing. Fully automated warehouses can be hard wired to tracks thus eliminating the need for motive energy. Something like Dematic has built for stop and shop.

Posted 6 May 2018 11:45 AM Reply  Report this message
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I agree there will be an alternative to hydrogen with in 18 month, Hydrogen won't work really in materials handling. The only way it works is if you have over 50 trucks and then its quite a high cost.

The alternative will be much better and be based on a IC engine

You won't need the high pressure tanks and system that cost a lot of money.

If you were to look at a 3,000kg forklift here would be the priceing

Diesel   $23,000

Lithium Iron  $35,000

hydrogen    $53,000

Posted 6 May 2018 07:14 PM Reply  Report this message
North Carolina, United States

Lets play devils' advocate here and speak from past experience

This is solely my opinion based on my experiences

todays technology is making advancements no doubt
but it is WAAAAAAY too far off for any viable reliable solution to make any REAL impact on us.
Everything i've seen being pushed out onto the market today is mediocre at best and being priced so far above where it should be and being advertised and sold as 'better technology'. In reality it is NOT better, it only LOOKS and and is being advertised to sound better. The proof is in the past when these new technologies came out , you see where they are today. New batteries are no better than they used to be, electronics and software programming is buggy and unreliable for the most part but yet we are being force fed these things and told they are better when the evidence shows they are not. We see alot of cosmetic 'eye candy' that sells it, whats inside may be newer but breaks down too fast compared to the older designs of 20 or 30yrs ago.
Every new system i've seen come out generally has a market life of about 3 to 5 years (a generous estimate), and then it is replaced with something else that usually is the same but made to sound as if it is newer and better when in actuality is it not much better than the last, small changes in components and some cosmetic differences but its reliablity and life expectancy is only designed to warranty specifications, after than your on your own.
We are their guinea pigs of this new 'better' technology, days of R&D and 'true' field testing new designs before they are put into production are a thing of the past.

In my view of things i've witnessed over the past few years its not the technology and the quality of it that is priority here, everything seems to be viewed on how much more 'market share' and revenue that can be made from it. The concepts of producing a dependable and reliable product these days that will last for generations to come is no longer a concept the business community understands and lives by.

In todays world it's all about the money folks.

If you stop and take a step back and take a look at the 'whole picture' it just slaps you in the face.
I could go on and on about this but i wont , i think i've made my opinion about this fairly clear.

It will be quite some time before petroleum powered lifts becomes a thing of the past. And as for electric powered lifts, they have been on the uprise for years and are now as competitive as IC machines on the market. Diesel machines will also be here for a while in large truck capacity, it's just the smaller ones may become obsolete due to the price of fuel making them less cost effective to run so they most likely will be replaced with electric.
Hydrogen cell technology is just plain out too expensive for anything, the requirements for this to even be a viable solution for any application are simply put... too expensive. This technology is years off from being cost effective enough for any regular application in our markets. The concept is sound though and i'm hoping it will improve.

What alternative is there to hydrogen cell?
Exalt speaks of this, what new technology are you speaking of?
Black hole energy devices?

Anyhow i've spoken my few thoughts on this and apologise if it sounds more like a rant instead of on point discussion.

have a nice day! ;o)

You've been swooped!

Posted 7 May 2018 02:50 AM Reply  Report this message
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
In the hole i would agree to some extent,we always hear they don't make the like they used to.

But technology can improve and quality can be matched, some times you need to move with what is required from the customer, and the main aim of any customer now is SUSTAINABILITY. I agree to a certain extent as well that forklift under 4,000 kg wil be mostly electric in five years time. As for the alternative to diesel and hydrogen fuel cell this will be shown later this year

Modified 7 May 2018 04:32 AM
by poster.
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Texas, United States
Electric and I/C trucks each have their own working conditions they work best in. Do not see any electric units working in any rough outside , dirty , dusty , muddy ,operated by Lugar Axhandle , resident redneck lasting very long. What is really interesting is the cost of charging a battery, the high upkeep of fuel cells and the tax breaks it takes to make them compared the cost of LP gas and diesel. I have yet to see a battery powered unit go 15000 plus hours without major repairs to either drive and steer motors. I spent the first 15 years in this industry on just electrics so I think I know what im talking about. I am just a tech that can work on diesel gas and lp . Sure there might be a complete switch to alternative fuels but the LP , diesel and current lead acid power supplies is here to stay for while. So Exhalt when is this super machine you keep pitching is going to be ready for demo so the rest of us can really see how far behind the times we really are.

Posted 7 May 2018 08:37 PM Reply  Report this message
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The new updated version will be out later this year. we are just going over some new technology that will be in them.

And yes the will be way ahead of the times, just a small example will be that they wont have a hydraulic system, they will be 100% Zero emission, with no fuel cell. the electric drive motors will out perform diesel in acceleration and torqe and last longer.The new battery technology is not lithium iron, but has twice the charging time as lead acid, need no maintenance, and can be much smaller so can fit into the truck better

most importantly they will be competitively priced they won't need tax breaks

Cost will be around  

5,000 Kg $ 45,000

10,000 kg $114,000

16,000Kg $138,000

Modified 8 May 2018 05:02 PM
by poster.
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Texas, United States
Seems like I have read this before

Posted 8 May 2018 08:25 PM Reply  Report this message
North, United Kingdom
If this new battery technology was so good why is the automotive not using it.

Posted 9 May 2018 00:03 AM Reply  Report this message
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
They are Trucking manufactures in North america are already using it, and proving it work in both very high and very low temperatures

Posted 9 May 2018 00:05 AM Reply  Report this message
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