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Forum: Lifting machines
Discussion:  Linde 351 H30d
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Wisconsin, United States
I am looking at a used piece of equipment from an old Aluminum smelting place. It looks to be a Linde H30d 351 series. It has the perkins diesel in it and has the tilt cylinders mounted low. It is pretty beat and I cant find a data plate on it at all. Is there a way to find out any information on it without a data plate? They have a few and they all have their flaws. I am not sure if its worth it to even look any further. One has an issue with driving fast in forward, it goes in reverse just fine. The other one is a little low on hydraulic oil and it almost studders on acceleration and the steer axle is pretty worn so it probably needs pins and bearigs. . Both have around 12k hours. Is it normal for the hydraulic system to release a bunch of air out of the cap when you are removing the cap when the truck is off and forks are down? Is there a good place online to buy parts?

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kent, United Kingdom
I would think long and hard about buying a truck from essentially a foundry - they live incredibly hard lives in a very harsh environment.
A linde expert on hear might be able to tell you where the serial number is stamped on the chassis. Without it getting parts can be a nightmare.

Check worn pins very carefully, you must make sure bearings/bushes are just worn and not broken up/missing otherwise if axle casting journals are wallowed out things can get expensive fast! Generally if you can actually see  a steer wheel leaning in at the top it ain't normally good news!

A bit of pressure when removing hydraulic cap is normal, the breathers are designed to keep a small amount of positive pressure in the tanks to assist getting oil into the suction side of the hydraulic pumps - make sure you take the cap off and let the pressure out before removing suction pipes otherwise oil pumps out the tank everywhere lol!

Modified 12 Oct 2016 05:53 AM
by poster.
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California, United States
I would stay away from it.  As wiggy said trucks that are in foundries live a very hard life.  I have seen trucks that only have half the hours and look like they have twice that.  The best advise I heard from a old timer was regarding foundry trucks was unbolt the seat and install it on a new truck.

Posted 12 Oct 2016 07:09 AM Reply  Report this message
kent, United Kingdom
Just for reference for anyone not 'in the know' but I'd recommend avoiding/being extremely careful with trucks coming from the...

1) Foundry industry
2) Chemical industry
3) Scrap/recycling industry
4) Building material/aggregate industry.

There not in any order and you can find a good truck in these industries if maintenance has been METICULOUS but in my experience in these environments is that it rarely is.
If it looks beat up, it will be.

Here in the uk I find scrap metal and scrap paper industry are the worst for literally destroying trucks - I'd never buy one. The others just because of the nature of the extreme environment they live in.

If you do find a clean looking truck from one of these sectors it would be wise to pay for a good forklift engineer to give the truck a real good check over before committing. Only a forklift guy really knows what to look for and whats a big deal and what isn't.

Just my 10 pence worth (again lol!)

Modified 13 Oct 2016 04:29 AM
by poster.
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Arizona, United States

I managed a foundry fleet for ten years and know a little about condition of these units. Here are a few items to think about when considering foundry application fork lifts, new or used. All new equipment must be specified foundry application. Foundry application requires several differences and additions that normal application forklifts do not require. Here are a few: Fire resistant hydraulic fluid (polyol ester, or water glycol) with a flash point approximately 500-600 degrees F which will still catch fire because molten metal is around 1800 degrees F. This system requires service intervals at approximately 1000 hours and compatible system seals based on fluid type which are provided by the machine manufacture during assembly. Totally enclosed cabs with climate control, Hi impact laminate and fire resistant cab glass, fire resistant hydraulic hosing in the mast and carriage areas.
As far as servicing foundry forklifts, this can be costly, but can also result in a substantial cost savings if done properly. Utilization for my equipment was 24/7 so maintenance intervals were 14 days about 200 hours. Yes proper maintenance of severe duty machines are rare but maintained properly will decreases downtime substantially which calculates into cost savings. Foundries are a severe application so preventative maintenance cannot be determined by hour usage but by time frequency.  
In closing, my recommendation is when purchasing used equipment make certain maintenance records are part of the deal if not stay away from it.


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