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Churchill Road Industrial Estate
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Manufacturers and suppliers of self-adhesive, industrial-grade facility marking tape. PermaStripe is a durable marking tape that can be applied to a large area very quickly to improve workflow efficiency and increase safety in the workplace.

With a clean, dry surface, PermaStripe can be applied with minimal downtime and is ready for service almost immediately.

PermaStripe durable marking tape:

PermaStripe is available in many colours to help organise your facility and conform with 5S regulations. As well as colour options, many sizes and shapes are available to create complete systems specific to your facility.

5S Optimization in the Workplace with PermaStripe and PermaRoute:

Custom options are available dependent on order quantity. This allows you to receive PermaStripe in a colour, size or shape specific to your needs.  

PermaStripe pallet bays PermaRoute walkway PermaStripe facility marking ColorCover custom signs PermaStripe rolls PermaStripe walkway markers
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