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285 Eldridge Road,
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Miretti Americas is a global leader in Explosion Proof Solutions, combining expertise in the North American Explosion Proof Market with Miretti's extensive knowledge of the European and Asian Markets.
Worldwide distribution of our product line includes: Electric and Diesel Explosion Proof material handling equipment, customized Explosion Proof solutions and integrations for forklifts, engines and gensets.

Electric Explosion Proof (EX) Forklifts - for use in explosive and hazardous environments. A complete line of sit-down rider, rider counterbalanced, pedestrian operated and narrow aisle EX Forklifts, available with a variety of EX handling apparatus and attachments.
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Explosion Proof Conversions - for diesel and electric forklift trucks and vehicles produced by numerous manufacturers and used by companies in at least 50 different countries worldwide. The converted vehicle functions in the same way as the standard vehicle and provides explosion proof protection.
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Engine and Genset Explosion Proof Conversions provide explosion proof protection for both on and off shore engines operation in hazardous environments. Our unique system of protection controls surface and exhaust temperatures, prevents both spark and flame emission, and prevents all overspeed conditions.
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Customized Explosion Proof Integrations have reached extremely high technological levels and use sophisticated protection systems. Miretti Americas provides specialty integrations to engines, gensets, scissor-lifts, personnel carriers, sweepers, scrubbers and tuggers. Each solution is examined closely with the client, taking into consideration operating requirements and use.

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Company Newsflash

Introducing the new Excalibur RC-EX, our 4,000 lb. capacity Stand up Counterbalance Explosion Proof Truck. With so many innovative features packed into one truck, it's a warehouse operation's dream come true!

Here are just some of the highlights...

Multi-Function Control Handle

Our new and improved operator-friendly control handle has an intuitive design to help drivers boost productivity. The handle provides conveniently located controls for forward/reverse, lift/lower, proportional reach/retract, tilt, horn and optional side shift. It also allows simultaneous control of travel and hydraulic functions when driving side-stance models.

Ergonomically Friendly Operator Compartment

Our new end control stand up rider exemplifies ease of hop on/ hop off operation and an operator's compartment with an expanded comfort zone
  1. Wrap around, Padded Operator Backrest with lumbar support and padded arm rest
  2. Operator Convenience station-Storage areas, beverage and clipboard holders
  3. Easy entrance and exit with a low step height into the operator compartment
  4. Operator can easily negotiate using a front or side stance to operate the unit
Compact design & ease of operation

The RC-EX combines a compact footprint as well as optimal views for a safer and more productive operational performance. The ergonomically designed control handle provides a comfortable grip for operations as well as a multifunction buttons for convenient Control and use of the unit.


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RSC-EX RIDER SITDOWN COUNTERBALANCED TRUCK <i>Click for more information.</i> RR-EX RIDER REACH TRUCK <i>Click for more information.</i> RIDER COUNTERBALANCED EX CONVERSION <i>Click for more information.</i> TRI CERT 165 HP DIESEL ENGINE <i>Click for more information.</i> <i>Click for more information.</i> <i>Click for more information.</i>
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