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Eaxtron is a French Battery Connector Manufacturer. We produce Flat and FEM Connectors Made in France.  

What makes our connectors different? Health and Safety oriented innovations.

Our focus is the user

Starting from the market's experience and feedback, we designed with our engineers new solutions to make it always easier, safer, and carefree to install and use battery connectors.

Our highly innovative Low Mating Effort Range  is the testimony of this will. Indeed, we designed a new generation of FEM Battery connectors on which the effort of insertion and extraction is reduced by around 80%. Thanks to its patented contacts, this range provides a solution to the MusculoSkeletal Disorders that can occur after having to connect and disconnect plugs and sockets on a regular basis.

In order to provide the safest solution on the market, we created a patented Locking Device that ensure that your connectors are always well connected together, and making impossible the disconnection without pulling on the handle from the device.

Discover Eaxtron's innovative Low Mating Effort concept in action

This range also benefits from what we have already implemented on our standard range (FEM DIN 160A and 320A range):
  • The easy to use clip on contact loader. Simply clip Eaxtron's contacts to the contact loader and then clip it within the housing, screw the cable clamps and you're done!
  • Flexible handles. Charging rooms are full of connectors with handles broken. Due to the cost of replacement, companies tend to wait to replace the whole plug instead of replacing only the handles. That's why, to avoid injuries and unnecessary replacement costs, Eaxtron developed flexible and unbreakable handles
  • Color coded self-centering cable clamps
  • 100% Copper contacts, plated with silver to preserve from oxidation.
Our Battery Connectors Ranges : We can rely on our distributors and partners on each continent to expand our innovations worldwide.

For more information, please visit our website:

You can also download our brochure, HERE

Requires around 80% less effort than standard types of contacts  to connect and disconnect.  Click for more information. Our patented  locking device. This system ensures that the contacts are well  connected together, while preventing the couple to disconnect in use. Click for more information. Connecting section: connect without effort. Click for more information. Innovative solution in 160 amp and 320 amp versions. Click for more information. For more product and company information, click to visit the website.
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