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Scale Dynasty  

Turn your forklift into a scale!

TR-1-NK-HE Forklift Scale - A Full Feature Weighing System that's User Friendly, East to Install and Cost Efficient

Tired of having to weigh your pallets or buckets of material at a separate floor scale? Tired of not knowing how much you are actually weighing and possibly giving away product for free? Then this is the scale for you!
Our affordable, low cost hydraulic scale system with high cost features helps save you time while increasing productivity and profits! Proudly made in the USA

Our full feature hydraulic scale works with forklifts, front end loaders, skid steers, tractors, and most machines that have a hydraulic lifting system. Our hydraulic scale allows you to lift the load and read the weight in the same process. This scale is built with a water-resistant corrosion proof enclosure that can withstand any type of environment from snow, wind, rain, and direct sunlight.

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Scale installation is easy and consists of mounting the display in a convenient location, teeing in the pressure sensor, and attaching the power cord to the vehicle battery. The display is mounted for easy viewing and operation without interfering with the operators view. Weighing in pounds or kilograms, the unit has adjustable parameters for automatic weight capture and capture-and-add. Display modes for display of Current Load or Total Weight, overload warning, and a super bright LED display.
You can also add our load monitor option that allows the operator a secondary display showing load information for easier loading to target values. The monitor can be used on forklifts and bucket loaders. The system can be setup to view the weight on the forks or bucket as it goes up, or view it going from the target weight setting down toward zero. The accumulated total can be viewed also. For more information about the load monitor, please click here.

This scale can also be paired with an on-board thermal printer, label printer, or choose a wireless printer. The printer will print each load, total loads, and time/date.

Click this link to view more information and to purchase at special discounted pricing!

Hanging Scales
We offer a wide range of wireless and wired hanging scales/crane scales. 3,000 lb - 100,000 lb capacities.

About Us

Scale Dynasty is division of Tara Systems, a US based manufacturing company of commercial and industrial weighing equipment. We specialize in on-board weighing systems for forklifts, lift-trucks, and front end loaders. These scale systems save time and money by turning weighing into a one-step operation.  
TR-1-NK-HE digital scale. <i>Click for more information</i> Forklift Scale. <i>Click for more information.</i> Crane Scales. <i>Click for more information.</i> Wireless Hanging crane scale. <i>Click for more information. </i> Wired Hanging Scale. <i>Click for more information</i>
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