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Keytroller, an I.D. Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:IDSY) company, is committed to the design, manufacture and supply of proprietary safety devices designed for forklifts, construction equipment, aerial lifts, personnel carriers and transport trucks. Originally established in 1988, Keytroller is headquartered in Tampa, FL and enjoys relationships with over 500 North American equipment dealers (aftermarket) many OEM vehicle manufacturers (installed as original equipment).  Importers of our products are in England, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Middle East, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Chile and Colombia.  In 2017, Keytroller was acquired by NASDAQ listed I.D. Systems, Inc. (IDSY) and operates as a fully owned subsidiary. Visit or call 813-877-4500 for more information.

State-of-the-art wireless equipment access and monitoring system that maintains OSHA regulations with automated checklists, keyless ignition, creates driver accountability with impact and speed sensing, prevents unauthorized drivers by requiring code input or RFID card reading, extends equipment life with scheduled maintenance by date or hour meter reading, monitoring usage, time moving and time loaded.
KEYTROLLER LCD-602: Same keypad design and functionality as our LCD 601 but with a simpler relay sensor module that has only one auxiliary input (typically seat switch or seat belt) and no impact or speed sensing. The lower cost LCD 602 is commonly used on equipment like ground support, cranes and personnel carriers who do not need impact and speed sensing features.
START-SMART: Code and  RFID card keyless ignition system with memory logging and anti-theft option. Economy range vehicle access and monitoring system used on smaller forklift fleets, personnel carriers, walkie jacks, aerial lifts etc. Available in code only and code/RFID models. Features: Keyless ignition, code/card expiration for training. Programmed manually or through USB -PC connection. Event logs are downloaded through direct connection USB only.

SPEED-SAVER: Automatic top speed controller for IC vehicles with conventional accelerator cables.
SPEED-SAVER EL: Top speed controller for electronic throttles. This new generation SPEED SAVER device has been designed to limit the travel speed of a forklift truck with an electronically-operated throttle, by detecting that the truck is travelling above a pre-set speed and then applying a top speed millivolt restriction to limit the truck's top speed. As long as the truck is travelling below the pre-set speed, high engine RPM for heavy lifting is available and not affected. Due to its ability to give a proportional restriction (where if the speed begins to drop, the limit is relaxed gradually), the climbing of gradients is not affected either.
SPEEDTROLLER: Digital speedometer.  Digital speedometer warning and alarm system that displays speed and warns operator when he/she is above speed limit. Alerts with 120dB flashing/siren alarm if speed does not slow by the end of grace period.
KEYSHOCK: Impact abuse alarm for equipment that provides inexpensive equipment protection, ensures abusive operators are accountable for their damage, is simple to install and fits easily to any make or model equipment (12 - 60VDC).
ENGINE-SAVER: Monitors the existing engine oil pressure switch and the supplied coolant temperature switch. If low oil pressure or high coolant temperature is detected, the audible alarm and/or flashing beacon activates to warn the operator. If the engine is not switched off within 30 seconds, it is shut down automatically. Protects engine from catastrophic failure due to loss of oil pressure or extremely high engine temperature. If the fault condition persists, the system will continue to shut down after 30 seconds on re-start. ENGINE SAVER incorporates engine shut down feature designed to prevent excess idling.
SLING-BELT: Unique patented design ensures that seat belts are always used by operators. Regardless of company policy statements, training and disciplinary recourse, the fact remains that many if not most forklift and equipment operators are just not wearing the seat belts provided on the equipment. Reasons for operators cited vary from forgetfulness, being in a hurry or general disinterest in wearing a seat belt. There is also a common misconception that it is safer to jump off of an overturning forklift, than to stay in the seat. This last assumption has been proven false and the law requires compliance in the use of forklift and equipment seat belts.

Hi-Accuracy forklift scale for forklifts up to 10,000# capacity. Color LCD touch screen is powered by the vehicle (12VDC). Kit includes Electronic Manifold Bypass Module for capturing hydraulic pressure as oil under pressure flows through module and past pressure transducer. Kit also includes weighing height sensor with magnet.
WEIGH-ALERT: Warns operator that he/she is approaching overload condition and displays % of full capacity.
LIFT-N-WEIGH: Very economical hydraulic scale indicator with conventional 2% accuracy. Easy to install and calibrate. Affordable for every application or machine.

SMARTIE KEY-CP4 - 1-2-3 or 4
. Camera Wireless DVR Recorder with GPS: The World's smallest and most reliable 4 channel mobile DVR. Connect up to 4 cameras (2 are in standard kit models). Integrated GPS, 6-Axis G-shock Sensor, built-in mic, 3 12V alarm input triggers, one 5v alarm output trigger, SD card (128GB capacity), external event record button, standard kits available for lift truck applications include Wi-Fi or Cellular modem and video-out for connecting to optional LCD (rear view) display.
SEETROLLER: Wireless camera system that can be installed in a fraction of the time, cost and hassle of a wired camera system. SEETROLLER'S battery powered camera is mounted on the forklift load backrest or on the vehicle pointing to where you want to see - NO wires to run up and down the mast! The camera is turned on and off remotely by the equipment operator with a handheld FOB (4 included in kit). The kit also includes a timer which is factory default set to turn the camera off after 3 minutes. The manager can easily change this time out (in minutes) to suit his application. The 7"color LCD display is powered by the vehicle and turns on automatically when the signal is received from the camera and shuts off within 3 minutes of loss of signal. The battery is unplugged and recharged as necessary and provides nearly 8 hours of power.


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Keytroller pedestrian safety systems:

FOREWARNER Blue or Red LED Warning Spotlight: When mounted to a forklift or other moving vehicle, the FOREWARNER projects a solid BLUE or RED tightly focused spot on the floor behind or in front (or both) of the vehicle. This unique light spot on the floor is clearly visible to pedestrians and other vehicles in the area - alerting them to the nearby presence of the forklift.

FOREWARNER-ARROW Blue or Red Arrow lights: When mounted to a forklift or other moving vehicle, the FOREWARNER- ARROW projects a solid BLUE or RED tightly focused arrow on the floor. This unique light arrow on the floor is clearly visible to pedestrians and other vehicles in the area - alerting them to the nearby presence of the forklift.

FOREWARNER-MINI: Mini (2 Lens LED) version of our larger FORWARNER. Very economical but bright Blue or Red LED spotlight also connect to 12-24-36 or 48VDC input power. Spots focused blue or red light on floor - warning pedestrians and other vehicles of their close proximity to the machine.

FOREWARNER-SIDELINER-LASER: Green laser pedestrian warning sidelight that is clearly visible to pedestrians and other vehicles in the area - alerting them to the nearby presence of the forklift.

FOREWARNER-SIDELINER-LED: Green LED pedestrian warning sidelight that is clearly visible to pedestrians and other vehicles in the area - alerting them to the nearby presence of the forklift.

FOREWARNER-MAXI: Honored by Plant Engineering's Prestigious Product of the Year Awards, FOREWARNER-MAXI ensures pedestrian safety under overhead cranes by projecting a solid white, blue or red tightly focused LED spot or line on the floor below that alerts pedestrians to an overhead crane's hook location. In addition, the product aids precise positioning for the crane operator with another frame of reference on floor.
For more company and product information, <i>click to visit the website.</i> Keytroller LIFT-N-WEIGH, visit the website for more information. Keytroller SEETROLLER, visit the website for more information. Keytroller Forewarner, Forewarner mini and Forewarner maxi, visit the website for more information. Keytroller Keycheck tablet and portable Keycheck, visit the website for more information.
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