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CCTY Bearing
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1111 Rose Road
Lake Zurich - Illinois,
United States
CCTY Bearing is a global manufacturer of award-winning bearings and assemblies for OEMs of material handling equipment.

We supply original equipment manufacturers and large-scale distributors with:
With offices in China, Europe, Japan, India and the United States, bearings and linkages can be shipped directly from the factory in China or warehoused for JIT delivery.  

Company Newsflash
Announcing the FSA, a steel-backed bushing with PTFE fabric lining. Specifically designed to be used in heavy load and low-speed applications, such as those found in scissor lift applications. The wrapped bushing has:
  • Longer life of 7 to 10x that of standard steel-backed, bronze-sintered and PTFE overlay bushings
  • Ability to handle higher dynamic loads up to 140Mpa at a static load of 250Mpa
  • A tensile strength of 270Mpa
  • Full self-lubricating capabilities

Chain Anchor Bolts from CCTY Bearing Mast Guide Bearings, Chain Rollers and Side Guides Forklift Tie Rods and Ball Joint Assemblies Bearing Linkages Spherical Plain Bearings
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