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Brierly Technologies, Inc.
5109 Harvester Rd.
Brierly Technologies, Inc. is a Canadian based supplier of high frequency battery chargers for forklift trucks and motive power applications. In addition, chargers from our wide range are suitable for scissor lifts, pallet jacks, tugs, autoscrubbers, sweepers, golf carts/caddies and more. These include some universal input models for worldwide use as well as models with efficiencies >90% through the use of active PFC. We can supply chargers from with output power from 12kW (48V-200A) down to 35W (12V-2.5A).

Our range of product includes battery load testers and accessories.

We work with original equipment suppliers and distributors across Canada, the USA and Mexico and have responsive after sales support for any eventuality.

Our products are reasonably priced yet high quality. Our motto is "We Never Overcharge."

Products have cULus or CSA electrical safety marks where required.  Some models can carry the BC mark showing they meet California Energy Commission appliance energy regulations.

Battery Charger Product Summary:

Elite PRO Series Chargers:
  • 440V/3Ph - 24/36 or 48V - up to 200A output (300A version pending)
  • 440V/3Ph - 72 or 80V - up to 130A output (200A version pending)
  • 240V single phase - 24V, 36V and 48V models - up to 75A output
  • 85-264V single phase - 12/24/36 or 48V - 15A - 30A output
Elite Series Chargers:
  • 115V - 12 or 24V - 4,8,10 or 12A output
  • 115V - 12 or 24V - 15A - 25A output
  • 115V - 12/24/36 or 48V - 15A - 30A output
Elite ECO Charger
  • 85-264V - 12 or 24V - 15A or 20A output
Esprit Series Chargers
  • 115V - 12 or 24V - 4,8,10 or 12A output
  • 115V - 12 or 24V - 15A - 25A output
  • 115V - 12/24/36 or 48V - 15A - 30A output
Excel Series Chargers
  • 85 - 264V - 12 or 24V - 2.5A -13A output
Battery Load Tester Product Summary:
  • Alfabat PRO - 6/8 and 12V - 0.3 - 30A discharge load
  • Delta AKKU - 12 or 24V - 0.3 - 25A discharge load
Other Products:
  • Battery Level Meters
  • Battery Level Micro Indicators
  • Battery-Guard - The Clever Battery Monitor
  • Battery Master Switch
  • Key Switches

For more information on our products visit or send us an email.  

Elite PRO - 3 Phase Elite PRO - Single Phase Elite PRO Delta AKKU Alfabat PRO
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