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Semax Material Handling AB
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Pelarnevägen 6,
SE-598 70 Storebro,
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Semax's growth journey goes up a gear at Logimat
Semax will elevate its planned growth journey to another level at the Logimat international trade fair in late May and early June.
Semax’s unique forklifts reduce damage to goods
Semax's unique forklifts offer drivers maximum visibility when driving, loading, and unloading.
Semax – We are different
Semax develops forklifts for the steel industry, paper industry and other industries where fragile goods are handled. The advantages are better visibility, compact design, higher...
Semax expands into new international markets
The forklift manufacturer Semax Material Handling AB, based in Sweden, is in a very exciting and expansive phase.
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