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Skipton, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
TYRI group is a global team with over 40 years of knowledge, expertise and experience in the design and production of high-quality work lights.

As a leading light manufacturer, with R&D and manufacturing located in the UK, Sweden and the US, we pride ourselves on innovative and intelligent design solutions that improve the working environment.

We are a source of knowledge for the latest technology, design, and production trends. Our mission is to provide professional light solutions making the working environment safer and more efficient whilst improving the well-being of machine operators. TYRI offers a large range of standard products which we love to customise with special features to meet any requirements you may have. For OEMs, we aim to use our extensive light knowledge and experience to become a valued design partner.

Warning Lights

As more vehicles are introduced into working spaces such as warehouses or ports, the safety of pedestrians and other users is paramount. Tyri offers a range of coloured warning lights ideal for the material handling sector plus the option to choose matching standard work lights for a unified design.

TYRI's BluePoint provides a distinct beam of light on the floor in front of, or behind, a vehicle warning of its approach; this is particularly helpful in a noisy environment where sirens cannot be heard easily. The BluePoint stands out in the market due to TYRI's quality of design, build and output. Also available in our warning light range are the VL4 RedLine and VL4 BlueLine - these shine a line or box around a piece of machinery to provide a visual zone marker, keeping pedestrians at a safe distance.

Traditionally BluePoint safety lights have been used on forklifts, however, their applications can be expanded to be used to give a warning of an overhead crane moving across a warehouse. Using the powerful and long reach spot beam of the 1010 BluePoint mounted on an overhead crane, the light beam on the floor can warn workers below of the cranes position above.

Visit our website to view our full range of blue and red warning lights.

0909 Compact+ BluePoint from TYRI


TYRI's latest innovation is INTELLilight - an intelligent lighting system that opens new possibilities for both users and installers. It utilises a wireless mesh platform that enables the system to communicate within a closed network. All lights are equipped with their own router creating a 360° wireless network. This makes the system easy to install, very reliable and if one light fails, the system keeps on going.

Since each INTELLilight system is a network of its own, new firmware and updates can be downloaded directly through the smartphone making the system futureproof.

This lighting system of the future has been received by the market with open arms. No switches in the cab, no cables, no predefined groups of lighting. For the user, the possibility of dimming the lights and changing the light temperature will offer clear advantages especially in Port Material Handling settings when the weather and other environmental factors can change visibility quickly.

For precision work light solutions, advice on light options, or to contact TYRI's sales team in your area visit our website: Off Highway Work Lights - TYRI (
For more company and product information, <i>click to visit the website.</i> For more company and product information, <i>click to visit the website.</i> For more company and product information, <i>click to visit the website.</i> For more company and product information, <i>click to visit the website.</i> For more company and product information, <i>click to visit the website.</i>
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