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1478 Beechcraft
Rawlins, Wyoming USA 82301
SEKO Forklift Scale for consistancy

The SEKO forklift weighing system is a simple and very rugged modular design that provides floor scale accuracy with forklift convenience and efficiency. RS232 communications provides optional receipt printing, data-logging and other real-time data communication and recording.

SEKO Forklift Scale can provide 99.9% weighing accuracy under ordinary conditions. SEKO Forklift Scales are offered in three weighing capacities to accommodate ITA hook type carriages. ITA carriage weigh capacities include:
  • Model SK16C = Class II (16 inch carriage height):
    5,000 lb with 2 lb increment
  • Model SK20C = Class III (20 inch carriage height):
    10,000 lb with 5 lb increment
  • Model SK25C = Class IV (25 inch carriage height):
    20,000 lb with 10 lb increment
SEKO Forklift Scale is the manufacturer of a precision modular forklift scale system that assures 1/10% error (99.9% accuracy) onboard weight capture capability with floor scale accuracy plus forklift convenience and efficiency. SEKO Forklift Scales received International Patent recognition in 2011 for our new and elegantly simple, modular forklift scale.

Our headquarters are centrally located on the Continental Divide in Rawlins, Wyoming. Wyoming retains much of the core character of the early American practices of individual Liberty, Self-Reliance and Enterprise. Rawlins was selected for its small town friendly and open population with transportation access via Interstate 80 to the USA, Canada and Mexico.

SEKO Forklift Scales are very accurate, very rugged and very cost efficient, built to serve the demanding industrial environment and accommodate modern material handling data acquisition and real-time communications.

SEKO Forklift Scale excels at providing efficient and profitable operational improvements for loading and unloading, batching and formulating, piece counting and roll-stock inventory management as well as the multitude of other forklift operations  

Reliable Rinstrum Scale Control/Indicator SEKO Modular Forklift Scales Basic Modular Carriage-Mounted Forklift Weighing System
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