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Sumo Industrial & Allied Products Marketing Limited
Unit 3830
PO Box 6945
London W1A 6US
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Excellent News - no spillage from plastic bulk containers
13 Sep 2018 - Media release
Virginia Tech has now completed laboratory testing of wooden pallets, plastic pallets and plastic bulk containers with and without SumoGloves.
Game changer!
22 Mar 2018 - Media release
Independent tests show simple forklift attachment will slash pallet repair and replacement costs and significantly reduce product damage in the supply chain
New safety products will interest freight and logistics operators
8 Mar 2018 - Media release
The new SumoSafe range includes a number of ingeniously simple yet highly innovative designs to improve operator safety and save costs associated with product damage when handling palletized loads.
Reduce stock damage - increase safety
25 May 2017 - Media release
Companies can reduce the amount of stock that is damaged during the handling process and make their workplaces safer by fitting Sumo Gloves to their lift trucks
US dealers wanted for top-selling forklift safety attachment
22 Dec 2016 - Media release
US dealers wanted for top-selling forklift safety attachments that are proven to slash handling damage.
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