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Real Telematics (RTS) was born from an amalgamation of companies in 2004 that were industry leaders in their own right, thus increasing the scope of products and services to its clients.  With a head office in Durban and branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town, RTS now boosts over 65 years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of radio frequecy (RF) and global system mobile communication (GSM) based telemetry systems, and in the implementation of telemetry systems.  RTS has continued to grow from strength to strength, moving across borders and providing valuable solutions.

We understand our client's needs first. We deliver solutions that put meaningful and timely data management information at the disposal of customers in a format and content rarely available elsewhere. We design innovative, reliable, flexible, cost-effective hardware and software that adds value to all our business partners. We pride ourselves on providing the most experienced, qualified personnel and top class facilities with an infrastructure which allows us to offer services that are secure, reliable and cutting edge.

Real FMX is South Africa's leading forklift management system and is our flagship product under the RTS banner. Real FMX is a total forklift management and engine protection system, operating via GSM networks to provide the flexibility of instant information anywhere in the world. As Real FMX has been developed specifically for forklift and materials handling equipment, the client's operation does not have to change whatsoever to accommodate a fleet management system's procedures or limitations. Real FMX is designed to seamlessly fit into the operational environment of the forklift/s.

Real Track is a full vehicle fleet management system that offers GPS tracking, trip replays and full management reports. We offer a number of different solutions, ranging from a simple tracking device and private mileage calculator with live web access, to a full fleet management system. Real Track has been designed to be able to fit into any type of vehicle or machine from earth moving equipment to private vehicles. Specifically designed with durability and flexibility in mind, Real Track offers a combination of attributes making it particularly suitable to the harsh operating conditions of Southern Africa.

Data, in one form or another, is collected by the remote terminal units (RTU) and transferred via the GSM network to servers hosted at a large data centre. Using RTS designed web-based software, the data is presented to our customers and their customers. The backend and the frontend proprietary software provides real time alerts, diary reminders and reports to all paying customers. All necessary support, from customer queries to system status monitoring and maintenance, is provided by RTS staff.

Quality is at the forefront of all our designs. We will not compromise on quality for cost or unrealistic delivery requirements. We conduct test procedures at critical phases of production and assembly to ensure the highest form of quality control. Many of these tests are driven by proprietary software that elimates human error. All installations undergo a stringent commissioning procedure to maintain our high standards. The Real Track and Real FMX hardware has a CE rating which ensures that our products conform to the necessary industry requirements.


For more company and product information, click to view the website. Real FMX, South Africa’s leading forklift management system. Click for more information. We offer services that are secure, reliable and cutting edge. Real FMX. Click for more information. For more company and product information, click to view the website.
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