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Unit Load Handling Systems: A Fork-Co USA Brand
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ULH manufactures and distributes forklift attachments and forks at our Alvin, Texas factory. Whether standard clamps and rotators or custom designed, high capacity handling machines, ULH has the experience and capability to produce solutions to handling problems.

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Watch the GA30 D unload a 20 foot closed container on our You Tube channel.

Stone Slab Bundle Extractor;  Model  GA30D

ULH  manufactures the GA30D  Stone Slab Bundle Extractor. The GA series handles bundles weighing up to 5-1/2  tons.  The GA30D has been designed to  reduce the acquisition cost and increase forklift capacity,  delivering a clamp system that is simpler and less bulky.  Durable with proven dependability and efficiency, ULH clamps keep personnel out of the stacks in the containers, away from the fall shadows.  Less risk, faster unloading times, less demurrage cost for the containers, no return charges on the empties and less labor required:  All great reasons to unload using ULH clamps. AND, no one needs to be in the fall shadow.

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Pipe Handling With ULH Heavy Duty Pipe Hold-Down Clamp Attachments

Unit Load Handling delivers 6 heavy duty retro-fit PIPE HOLD-DOWN CLAMPS to Houston and Seattle port operators.

WPH-SW-HD series clamps, designed to work within a range of 17 to 27 ton forklifts, can be field-installed without welding or cutting the original forklift carriage. Fork usable length does not change so net residual capacity is maximized. Pipe and casing ranging from 75 mm to 915 mm diameter can be securely transported using the WPH-SW-HD series.

See the WPH-SW and WPH-SW-HD in action on Unit Load Handling's YouTube Channel

ULH Builds Retro-Fit Pipe Clamps

From smaller capacity forklifts to high capacity machines, Unit Load Handling has a pipe clamp style to match the job. Safety in pipe handling is improved when the load is secured to the forks. Production becomes more efficient and the cost of moving product reduces. We make Series WPH-AB clamps for class 2, class 3 and class 4 forklifts and we build Series WPH-SW clamps for 9 to 16 ton machines and the Series WPH-SW-HD for 17 to 27 ton machines. Retro-fit is easy. It needs no welding or cutting of the forklift carriage. There is no need to replace the existing carriage. Forklifts can retain the use of the sideshift and, in the case of the class 2, 3 or 4 mounting style, can use their fork-positioner function as well.

Unit Load Handling Has Expanded Our 360 Degree Rotator Line

ULH has added another model of its very successful direct drive 360 degree rotator. In addition to our RDD 45 Series (4500 LB @ 24" LC) ULH now offers the RDD 70 Series (7000 LB @ 24" LC). This series is equipped with class 3 mounting and class III fork bars. It offers a choice of 43" or 48" wide fork bars. The direct drive type rotator uses many fewer parts than gear reduction box style rotators. They have a more robust structure with through the core visibility. Rotator run-away (cavitation) is controlled by our on-board counter balance valve.

GA30 D Slab Bundle Extractor; for more information click to visit the website. Heavy duty retro-fit Pipe Hold Down Clamp (WPH-SW-HD series). For more information - <i>Click Here</i> WPH series pipe clamp. For more information - <i>Click Here</i> WPH-SW Retro-Fit Pipe Clamp on 36,000 LB truck. For more information - <i>Click Here</i> RDD 40 Series Rotator. For more information - <i>Click Here</i>
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