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Do you move your product by railcar or shipping container?
29 Jul 2021 - Text Ad
Loading and unloading railcars and shipping containers is often done with high lift capacity LPG or diesel-powered forklifts, with a ...
Having trouble finding high-capacity electric forklifts?
17 Jun 2021 - Text Ad
With almost 40 years’ experience designing, developing, and manufacturing high-capacity electric forklifts, CARER offers 46 chassis configurations ranging from 9,500lbs ...
Electric Forklift Myths
10 Jun 2021 - Media release
Did you know that CARER electric forklifts are available in very high capacity, pneumatic style chassis?  With increasing demands to have high-capacity forklifts adhere to Tier 4 compliance, the electric solution is a real alternative.
Carer Electric Forklifts in the Steel Industry
13 May 2021 - Text Ad
CARER’S high-capacity line up with their advanced lithium power solutions, high volt operating systems, and advanced componentry, is helping define ...
The Electrification of The Steel Industry
6 May 2021 - Media release
Up close with the Aluminum, Steel Coil and Automotive Sectors and Carer Electric Forklifts
CARER’s ultra-compact Z series
1 Apr 2021 - Media release
The Z series model lineup from CARER has a capacity range from 13,000lbs to 36,000lbs, and has been designed to operate in very confined operating environments where minimal space is available.
18 Mar 2021 - Text Ad
CARER’s CONTAINER series, ranges from 9000lbs to 26,000lbs capacity. Designed to handle all types of product being loaded into and ...
CARER'S Electric Lithium Powered Forklift - Container Series Ranging up to 26,000lbs
4 Mar 2021 - Media release
Compact, powerful, and efficient: Electric forklift trucks designed for loading and unloading containers.
Carer Launches the New A160-200 @ 1200X Electric Forklift Truck
21 Jan 2021 - Media release
Power, Autonomy and Reliability - The future of material handling is here.
Carer’s NEW A160-200X Electric Forklifts
21 Jan 2021 - Text Ad
ELECTRIC POWER, AUTONOMY, & RELIABILITY is here, with Carer’s new A160-200X.  This new model, with capacities ranging from 35,000 ...
The Evolution of Electric Lift Trucks
30 Apr 2015 - Media release
High capacity electric forklifts are dominating the market as companies look for cost effective and green solutions for materials handling. The development of electric forklifts in capacities over 11,000 lbs. has revolutionized the way we think about electric forklift solutions.
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