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 & Logistics Workforce Advisory Group  Konekesko
 ČZ Strakonice  Konekesko Oy
 (UK) Ltd  Kooi
 1300apprentice  KordaMentha
 1-PAL  Korean Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association
 2011 ISAF Sailing World Championships  Koros-Spedit
 2011 Rugby World Cup  Korsnas
 3PL E-Warehouse Management & Solutions Show  Kotahi
 A D Lift Truck  KPMG
 A Monti Granite Co  Kracht
 A Square Forklift  Kraft Fluid Systems
 A to Z Global Marketing Inc  Kraft Foods
 A&A Logistik-Equipment  Kragos
 A&K Equipment Company  Kramer
 A&O Forklift  Kramer Group
 A. Henriksen Shipping  Kramer-Werke GmbH
 A.M.B  Kraner Electrical
 A.PSV Diffusion  Kroger
 A.T.I.B.  Kroger Co
 A.T.I.B. s.r.l. (ATIB)  Krueger Transport Equipment
 A-1 Rental Centres  KSV Advisory
 A1 Trucks  KSW Microtec
 A2i Systems  KSW Microtec AG
 AAL Hyster  KTH Parts Industries
 Aarhus Maskinfabrik  KTH Parts Industries Inc
 AB Equipment  Kuala Lumpur Warehouse
 AB Equipment Limited  Kubota
 AB Equipment Pty Ltd  Kuehne + Nagel
 AB InBev  Kuhn
 AB Oxford Cold Storage  Kuli Hebezeuge
 ABB Grain  Kuntry Korner
 ABC Online  Küpers
 ABC Supply Co  KW logistics
 ABC Tissue Products Pty Ltd  Kwai Chung
 ABC Transport  Ky Luc Co Ltd
 Abdul Latif Jameel Co  Kyoto
 Abeceder  Kysor Industrial Corp
 Abel Womack Inc  L Arthur
 Abex  L Lynch Ltd
 Abigroup  L&P Mackin
 ABN AMRO  L3 Service Pro SASU
 Abnormal Load Engineering  La Cisa
 Abnormal Load Services  Laadur
 Abu Dhabi Investment Authority  Laadur OÜ
 Abu Dhabi Ports  Lactalis Australia
 Abu Dhabi Terminals  LADA DC
 Abus  Ladder Industries
 AC Material Handling  Lafarge
 Acarlar Makine  Lafis
 ACCC  LagerTec Vertrieb & Service GmbH
 AccelRate Power Systems  Laing O’Rourke
 Accenture  lakeport
 Acces Industrie  Lakeport Metalcraft Inc.
 Access Alliance  Lakes Folly Wines
 Access International  Lamarre Concrete
 Access Platform Sales  Lamerholm
 ACCHCO  Lancashire Fork Truck Services
 ACCI  Lancashire Forktruck
 Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)  Lance Hockridge
 Acclaim Handling  Lancer
 Acclaim Handling Ltd  Lancer Boss
 acco Materials Handling Group Inc  LANCO
 Accosys Inc  Land Warfare Conference
 Accrediting Bodies Association  Landmark
 Accrete  Landmark Group
 Accu Holding  Landoll
 Accumulateur Tunisie Assad SA  Landoll Bendi
 Accurate Lift Truck Inc  Landoll Corp
 Accurate Weighing Systems Inc  Landoll Corp.
 AccuWeigh  Landoll Drexel
 ACD Handling  Landoll/Bendi
 Ace Hardware  Landscape Management Systems
 Ace Hardware Corp  Langer Material Handling
 Ace Manufacturing Industries  Langkloof Bricks
 ACFR  Langmeil
 ACFS  Lansing
 ACFS e-Solutions  Lansing Linde
 ACFS Logistics  lant and Facilities Maintenance Association Inc
 ACFS Port Logistics  Laois Hire Services Limited
 ACR Supply Partners  Larce Group
 Act First Safety  Latec
 Action Construction Equipment  Latec Ersatzteil-Vertriebs GmbH
 Action Construction Equipment Ltd  Latrobe Valley Forklifts
 Action Forklifts  Laura Ashley
 Action Handling  Laurent D
 Action Lev  Lauyans & Co Inc
 Action Lift  Lavendon
 Action Medical Research  Lavendon Group
 Action Storage  Lavendon Group plc
 Active Access  Lawrence Vehicles Daf
 ActronAir  Lawsons
 AD Electric Co  Lazard Carnegie Wylie
 AD Lift Truck  LB Materials Handling
 AD Lift Truck (ADL)  LeanLogistics
 Adam  Leavitt Machinery
 Adaptalift  Leavitt Machinery & Rentals
 Adapt-A-Lift  Leavitt Machinery USA
 Adapt-A-Lift (AAL)  Lèbre SAS
 Adapt-A-Lift (AAL) Imports  Lectura
 Adapt-A-Lift Forklift Rental and Sales  Leda
 Adapt-A-Lift Forklift Rentals and Sales  Lee Engineering
 Adaptalift Group  LEEA
 Adaptalift Hyster  Leeds City Council
 Adaptalift Hyster (AALH)  Leggat Plant
 Adaptalift Hyster Forklift Rentals & Sales  Leibherr
 Adaptalift HysterToyota Material Handling Australia  Leicester Crown Court
 Adare Machinery  Leighton Contractors
 Add the Beauty of Timber  Leighton Holdings
 Addax Petroleum  Leisure Coast Fruit & Deli
 Addis Containers  Lemont Estibas CA
 Adelaide Airports  Lencrow
 Adelaide Container Terminal  Lencrow Forklifts
 Adept Technology  Lencrow Group
 Admar Supply  Lencrow Group Materials Handling
 Administrative Appeals Tribunal  Lencrow Material Handling
 Adobe Equipment Holdings Ltd  Lencrow Materials Handling
 Adobe Equipment Houston  Lennox Industries Inc
 Advance Storage Products  Lenzing
 Advanced Engines  Leppo Rents
 Advanced Equipment Co of Charlotte  Les Enterprises Marcel Malo et Fils
 Advanced Handling  Letica Corp
 Advanced Info Service  Letsema Holdings
 Advanced Logistics and Materials Handling (ALMH)  Levante
 Advanced Technology Lubben  LeveeLift
 Advanced Warehouse Solutions  Lex Birchwood
 Advantage Learning Solutions Inc  Lex Harvey
 Advertising Standards Authority  Lexel Elctric
 AECOM  Lexian Solutions
 AECOM and GHD  LF Logistics
 AED Foundation  LG Chem
 Aegon  LGSTX Services
 AEMP  L-Guard
 AeroLogistics  LiBiao
 AeroVironment  LiBiao Robot
 AeroVironment Inc  Libra
 aerovironment posicharge  Liebherr
 AFEG  Liebherr Container Cranes
 Affordable Parts  Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd
 AFITA  Liebherr Group
 African National Engineering  Liebherr Maritime
 AGCO  Liebherr Maritime Cranes
 Age Print Company  Liebherr-Great Britain
 Agfa-Gevaert  Liebherr-International AG
 AGILE Business Media  Liebherr-Werk Telfs
 Agility  Liebhher
 Agility Global Integrated Logistics  Lift
 Agility Project Logistics  Lift & Shift
 Agilox  Lift Atlanta
 AGL Energy Ltd.  Lift Atlanta Inc
 AgPro  Lift Depot
 AgriFutures Australia  Lift Depot Ltd
 Agrimac  Lift Group
 AGRIMAC (UK) Ltd  Lift Inc
 Agro Merchants Group  Lift King Industries
 agv solutions  Lift Parts Service LLC
 Ahern  Lift Pro
 Ahern Australia  Lift Pro of Memphis
 Ahern Deutschland  Lift Solutions
 Ahern Iberica  Lift Solutions Inc
 Ahern Rentals Inc  Lift System srl
 AH-Lift ApS  Lift Technologies
 AHS Inc  Lift Technologies Inc
 Ai Group  Lift Technologies Inc.
 Aichi  Lift Tek Elecar
 Aichi USA  Lift Truck Center
 Aigner Index  Lift Truck Center Inc.
 AiGroup  Lift Truck Lease and Service Inc
 Aiken Edgefield Economic Development Partnership  Lift Truck Supply Inc
 AIMM Industrial Training  Lift West Ltd
 AIPMM  Liftace
 Air Components & Systems  Liftboss
 Air Liquide  Liftec
 Air Liquide SA  Liftech Consultants
 Air New Zealand  Liftech Equipment Companies Inc
 Air Pacific  Liftek
 Air Products  Liftek-Elecar
 Air Products & Chemicals Inc  Lifter
 Air Products and Chemicals Inc  Lifter srl
 Air Resources Board  Liftguard
 Air Transport International  Lifting Equipment Engineers Associatio
 AirAsia X  Lifting Equipment Engineers Association
 AirBridge Cargo  Lifting Gear Hire
 Airco SA  Lifting Gear UK
 Airgas Inc  Liftking
 Airpes  Liftking Industries Inc
 Airport Equipment Rentals Inc  Liftmasters
 Airport Technical Service  LiftOne
 Airtax  LiftOne LLC
 Airtrax  LiftOne Material Handling Equipment
 Airtrax Financial Services  LiftOne< NMHG
 Airtrax Inc  LIFTOR
 Airtrax.FiLCO  LiftPower Inc
 AirWorx  LiftRite
 Aisin World Corp. of America  LiftRite Hire & Sales
 Aisle Master Ltd  Liftruck Service Co Inc
 Aisle-Master  LiftScience
 Aisle-Master Ltd  Lift-Shield
 AITA  Lifttec
 AITT  Lift-Tek
 AJI Heavy Equipment Rental  Lift-Tek Elecar
 AK Material Handling Systems  LiftX Parts International
 Akcros  Light Lifting Equipment Centre
 Aker Wade Power Technologies  Lilford Frams
 Åkerströms  Lilly
 Akro-Mils  Lilly Co
 AKW Global Logistics  Lilly Company
 AKW Group  Limnos Poultry
 Akzo Nobel  Linamar
 Akzo Nobel Coatings  Linamar Corp
 Al Futtaim Auto & Machinery Company  Lincoln County Industrial Managers Association
 Al Hashar & Company  Lincoln Grain and Produce
 Al Mahroos  Linde
 Al Nimr International Exhibition Organizers  Linde (China(
 Alabama State Port Authority  Linde (China)
 ALAN  Linde (China) Forklift Corporation
 Alarcon Carry & Lift  Linde (China) Forklift Truck
 Alaska Marine Lines  Linde (China) Forklift Truck Corp
 Alaskan Marine Line  Linde (China) Forklift Truck Corp Ltd
 Albarajoub Engineering  Linde AG
 Alberta Federation of Labour  Linde Australia
 Albion Laboratories Inc  Linde China
 Albright & Wilson  Linde Creighton
 Albury Asset Rentals  Linde Creighton Ltd
 Albury Asset Rentals Ltd  Linde Fördertechnik
 ALC Forum  Linde Forklift (China)
 Alcamar  Linde Forklift Truck Hire
 Alco  Linde Gas
 Alcolock  Linde Heavy
 ALCS  Linde Heavy Truck Division
 Alden Equipment  Linde Heavy Truck Division Ltd
 aldermore  Linde India
 Alelion Energy Systems  Linde Lift Truck Corp
 ALERT Safety Products  Linde Material Handing
 Alex Lyon Auctioneers  Linde Material Handling
 Alfacon Solutions  Linde Material Handling (UK)
 Alfaland  Linde Material Handling (UK) Ltd
 Alfasi Hire  Linde Material Handling Australia
 Alfatech Ltd  Linde Material Handling Czech Republic
 Al-Futtaim  Linde Material Handling East Ltd
 Algeco  Linde Material Handling GmbH
 Alibaba  Linde Material Handling North America
 Alimal AB  Linde Material Handling North America Corp
 ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp  Linde Material Handling Russia
 All Ireland Warehousing Association  Linde Material Handling South East
 All Lift Hire  Linde Material Handling UK
 All Lift Service Co Inc  Linde Material Handling UK Ltd
 All Lift Truck Training  Linde Material Handling-North America Corp
 All Purpose Transport  Linde Materials Handling
 All Reach LLC  Linde Materials Handling Australia
 All Terrain Truck and Equipment Inc  Linde Materials Handling Scotland Ltd
 All World Lift Truck  Linde MH (UK)
 Allcargo Global Logistics Ltd  Linde MH Australia
 AllCell TEchnologies  Linde North America Inc
 Allegheny Talledyne  Linde Scotland
 Allentown Morning Call  Linde South East
 Allforks  Linde Sterling
 Allforks Cat  Linde UK
 Alliance for Supply Chain Innovation (ASCI  Linde(China)
 Alliance Material Handling  LindeAG
 Alliance Material Handling Inc  Linde-Baker
 Alliance Transport  Linde-Xiamen
 Allianz Australia Insurance  Linde-Xiamen Forklift Truck Co Ltd
 Allianz Insurance  Lindsay Australia
 Allied  Lindsay Carrying Company
 Allied Equipment Service Corp  Lindsay Heating & Cooling
 Allied Forklift (M) Sdn. Bhd.  Linfox
 Allied Forklifts  Linfox Australia
 Allied Market Research  Linfox Linehaul
 Allied Stone Inc  Linfox Logistics
 Allied Systems  Lining Victoria
 allied systems company  LINK HR Consulting
 All-Lift  Linmar
 Allport  Linpac Materials Handling
 Almac  Lion
 AlmaCrawler  Lion Australia
 Alperton Limited  Lion Dairy & Drinks
 alpha  Lion Nathan
 Alpha Racking  Lipac
 Alpha Warehouse Solutions  lisman
 Alphaplan  Lisman Forklifts Asia
 Alpine Power Systems  Lisman Forklifts Asia Sdn Bhd
 Alta  Lisman Forklifts Group
 Alta Enterprises  Lisman Vorkheftrucks
 Alta Equipment  Lisman Vorkheftrucks BV
 Alta Equipment Co  Lisman Vorkheftrucks NV
 Alta Equipment Company  Lithium Technology Corporation
 Alta Lift Inc  Lithuanian Vilnius Acropolis
 Alta Lift Truck Services  Little Giant
 Alta Lift Truck Services Inc  Little Giant Europa
 Alta Lift Trucks  little giants
 Altec  Little River Boat Yard
 Alto Handling  Littore Family Wines
 Altra Industrial Motion  Liugong
 AM Express Freight Inc  LiuGong Construction Machinery
 Amann GmbH  LiuGong Forklift Americas
 Amazon  Liugong Machinery  LiuGong Machinery Co
 AMB Lift  LiuGong Machinery Corp
 Ambassador  LiuGong North America
 Ambassador Lift Trucks  Live to Play Sports
 Ambassador Lift Trucks Ltd  Ljungby
 Amber Beverage Group  Llano Logistics
 Amber Tiles  LLC.
 Ambulance Victoria  Llinde
 AMCOR Australasia  Lloyd Foods
 Ameise  Lloyd Shoes
 AmeraMex  Lloyds List
 AmeraMex International  Lloyds List DCN
 AmeraMex International Inc  LLT Inc
 Ameratronic Industries Inc  LLW Repository
 Amerden  Load King
 Amerden AGVS  Load Lifter
 American Apparel  Load Lifter Manufacting Ltd.
 American Boat Builders & Repairers Association  Load Lifter Manufacturing
 American Cancer Society  Loadall
 American Chamber of Commerce  Loadex Hire
 American Corrugated  Load-Lifter
 American Crane & Equipment  Locators
 American Crane & Equipment Corp  Locators Ltd
 American Crane & Equipment Corporation  Lockheed Martin
 American Crane and Equipment Corporation  Locus Robotics
 American Equipment Rentals  Loeb Winternitz Industrial Auctioneers
 American Express  Logan Inglis
 American Forklift Scales  LogicaCMG
 American Industrial Transmission  LogiMAT
 American Lifts  Logistica
 American Logistics Aid Network  Logistics & Supply Chain Management (ILSCM)
 American National Standards Institute  Logistics Association
 American Rental Association  Logistics Association of Australia
 American Sheet Metal  Logistics Association of Australia (LAA)
 American Society of Mechanical Engineers  Logistics Bureau
 American Specialty Equipment  Logistics Executive
 AmeriCares  Logistics Information and Navigation Centre (LINC)
 America's Cup Race Management  Logistics Magazine
 Americold Cascade Cold Inc  Logistics Skills Council (LSC)
 Americold Logistics  Logistics UK
 Amerityre Corp  logitrans
 Amey  Logitrans A/S
 AMI Worldwide  Logitrans Denmark
 Amicus  logitrans Turkey
 Amigo Mobility International  Logitrans UK Ltd
 AML Equipment  Loglift
 AMP Capital  LogMAT
 AMP Capital Investors  Logos
 AMS Bobcat  Logos Australia
 AMSKAN  Logsquare
 Amsted Industries  Logwin
 Amsteel Mills Sdn. Bhd.  LoigMAt
 Amvar Handling Solutions  LoJack Corp
 Ananova News  Lombardi Lift
 Ananova news service  London Drugs Ltd  Lone Star Lift
 and Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association of Queensland (WCRAQ)  LoneStar
 Andersen & Associates  Lonestar Forklif
 Andersen Material Handling  LoneStar Forklift
 Andover Fork Truck Services  Long Beach Container Terminal
 Andover Trailers  Long Reach
 Anglo American  Long Reach Sales
 Anglo American Metallurgical Coal  longhe
 Anglo Beef  Long-Reach
 Anglo Ports  Long-Reach Brudi Pacific
 Anh Thang Trading & Service  Longview Economic Development Corporatio
 Anheuser-Busch Co  Lonking
 Anheuser-Busch InBev NV  Lonking (Shanghai) Forklift Co., Ltd
 Anhui  Lonking Holdings
 Anhui Changjing ElectroMechanical Technology Co., Ltd  Lonking Holdings Limited
 Anhui Forklift Group  Lonking Holdings Ltd
 Anhui Forklift Group Co Ltd  Looking forward with confidence
 Anhui Forklift Truck Group (Heli brand)  LORD
 Anhui Hecha Forklift Co Ltd  Lord Corporation
 Anhui Heli  Los Angeles Zoo
 Anhui Heli Co Ltd  Loscam
 Anhui Heli Forklift Group  Loscam Australia
 Anhui Heli Forklift Truck Group Corp  Lou's One Stop
 Anhui Heli Industrial Vehicle Import and Export Co Ltd  Lowe’s Companies
 Anhui Heli Industrial Vehicle Import and Export Co., Ltd.  Lowe's
 Anhui Heli Machinery Import & Export Co.  Lowry
 Anhui TEU  Lowry Computer Products Inc
 Anilox Laser Technology  Lowry Industrial Lift Trucks
 ANL Container Line  Lowry Industrial Lift Trucks Ltd
 Anocoil  Lowry Industrial lift-Trucks Ltd
 Ansaldo  Loxam
 ANSI  Loxam Group
 AntiFriction  LPG Australia
 AntwerpXL  LPM Forklift Sales & Service Inc
 Any Forks  LRB Business Management
 ANZ Bank  LSM Technologies
 Aoki Juki  Ltd.
 AP Moller-Maersk Group  LTS Powered Access
 APAC  LTS Scale
 APC Logisti  Lubrizol/ECS
 Aperam  LuiGong
 Apex  Lull
 Apex Associates  Lupica Steel Fabrication
 Apex Material Handling  LXE Inc
 apexway  Lyco Innovations
 Apexway Products Corp  Lynden International
 APICS  Lyttelton Port
 apicsAU  Lyttelton Port Company
 A-Plant  Lyttelton Port of Christchurch
 APM Terminals  Lyttelton Port of Christchurch (LPC)
 Apollo Plant  Lyttleton Port
 Appenfelder GmbH  M & I Samaras (No 1) Pty Ltd
 Applied Energy Solutions  M + S Bauer GmbH
 Applied Handling Equipment  M O’Brien Plant Hire
 Apprenticeship Support Australia  M&G Materials Handling Co
 APV Safety Products Pty Ltd  M&G Materials Handling Co.
 AQ-forklifts  M&M Restaurant Supply
 AQIS  M&W Toyota Handling
 Arabian German  M.N. Systems
 Arabian Supply Center  M/A-COM
 Aramex  M2 Concepts Solucoes Emprasarials Ltda
 Arandell Corp  Mabo Engineering & Automation
 ARB Corporation  Macca Logistics
 ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Canada Inc  MacGregor
 Archbold Logistics  Mach 1
 Archway Handling  Mach 1 Hyster Sdn Bhd
 Arcomet  mach1
 Ardent Hire Solutions  Machine Tool Services
 Ardent Industrial Equipment  Machinery Relocations Australia
 ARE CON  Machinery-onQ
 Argos Guindastes Indústria e Comércio  Mack
 Argyle Diamond Mine  Mackay Airport
 Arian Engineering  Mackenzie Intermodal Group
 ARI-Hetra  MacKinnon Equipment and Services
 Arkla Taylor Inc  Macleay River Protei
 Armak Dis Ticaret  Macmillan Cancer Relief
 Armanni  Macneill
 Armed Forces  Macneill Engineering
 army  Macneill Engineering Limited
 Arnco  Macneill Engineering Ltd
 Arne Holst & Co A/S  Macrosupply Company
 Arnold Machinery Co  MacServices
 Arnold Plant Hire  Maddington Concrete Products
 Arnott's  Madisa
 Arrendo  Madland Toyota-Lift
 Arrium  Maeda
 arrow  Maersk
 Arrow Material Handling Products  Maersk Australia
 Arrow Transport  Maersk Container Industri AS
 Arvato Supply Chain Solutions  Maersk Line
 ArvinMeritor  Maersk Lines
 Arxcis Inc  Maersk Logisitics
 AS Colour  Maersk Logistics
 A-Safe  MAFI
 Asahi Beverages  MAFI Transport-Systems
 ASC Handling  Mafini Group
 ASC Shipbuilding  Magaziner
 ASCC  Magazino
 Ascendum Maquinas  Mageon
 Asciano  Magline
 Asciano Limited  Magna Tyres
 ASCL  Magni
 Asda  Magni Material Handlers
 ASEAN Forklift Entrepreneur Golf  Magni Telehandlers
 ASF Logistics  MAGNI TH
 Ashcroft Construction  Magnox North
 Ashdod Port  Maher Terminals
 Ashley Chase Estates  Main Roads
 Ashtead  Main Roads Western Australia
 Ashtead Group  Maine Industrial Tire
 Ashwill Industries  Mainfreight
 Asia Maquinaria de México  Maini
 Asia Pacific Business Excellence Standard  Maintainco
 Asia Pacific Port Infrastructure Planning and Development 2009  Maintainco Inc
 Asia Warehousing Show  Maintenance Technology Specialists Inc
 Asian Development Bank  Maintou
 Asian Terminals  Makinex Construction Products
 Asian Terminals Inc  Maktas Makinali Tasima
 Asia-Pacific Warehousing  Malaysian International Shipping Corporation
 ASIC  Malcolm Group
 Asixa  Malcolm West Forklifts
 ASME  Malin Integrated Handling Solutions & Design
 AspectHuntley  Malin Integrated Handling Solutions and Design
 Aspen Australia  Mama Rene's Foundation
 Assi Doman  Maminsco
 Assidoman Frovi  Mamisco
 Associacao Brasileira de Maquinas e Equipamentos  Mammoet
 Associated  Man Lift
 Associated British Ports  Man Lift Manufacturing
 Associated Equipment Distributors  Man Lift Manufacturing Co
 Associated Equipment Distributors Inc  Management Technology of America
 Associated Material Handling  Manch Communications (P) Ltd.
 Associated Material Handling Industries  Manchester Evening News
 Associated Material Handling Industries Inc  Manchester Industries Inc.
 associated materials handling  Manhattan
 Associated Press  Manhattan Associates
 associated solutions  Manheim Fowles
 Associated Trainers  Manila International Container Terminal
 Associated-Allied  maniotu
 Association Education Alliance  Manitech
 Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility  Manitex
 Association for Industrial Truck Trainers  Manitex Inc
 Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas Australia (ASPO-Australia)  Manitex Internationa
 Association of Employers of Waterside Labour  Manitex International
 Association of Equipment Manufacturers  Manitex International Inc
 Association of Equipment Manufacturers (  Manitex International Inc r
 Association of Finnish Technical Traders  Manitex Liftking
 Association of Industrial Truck Trainers  Manitex Liftking LLC
 Association of Pallet Networks  Manitex Liftking UTC
 ASTI  Manitou
 Aston Manor Brewery  Manitou Australia
 Astor Levin  Manitou Benelux
 Asyaport  Manitou BF
 ATEC Freight Terminals Trust  Manitou BF S.A.
 Atenor Group  Manitou BNL
 ATIB  Manitou Group
 atica servicios  Manitou North America
 Atlandat Forklift  Manitou North America Inc
 Atlanta Fork Lifts Inc  Manitou Southern Africa
 Atlanta Forklift Sales & Service  Manitou UK
 Atlanta Forklift Sales & Services  Manitowac
 Atlanta Forklifts  Manitowaoc
 Atlanta Forklifts Inc  Manitowoc
 Atlantic Coast Toyotalift  Manitowoc Co
 Atlantic Forklift & Parts  Mann
 Atlantic Industrial Equipment  Mannesmann Dematic
 Atlantic Lift  Mantis Cranes
 Atlantic Lift Systems  mantsinen
 Atlantic Lift Truck  Manufacturers’ Health & Safety Association
 Atlantic Machinery & Equipment Inc  Manutention
 Atlantic Material Handling  MAP Building & Civil Engineering Supplies
 Atlantic Rentals  Maquinaria Ligera Equinter
 Atlantic Safety LLC  Marangoni
 Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe Co  Marangoni Group
 Atlantis Plastics  Marangoni Industrial Tyres
 Atlas  Marangoni Spa
 Atlas Companies  Marchetti Construction
 Atlas Copco  Marcus Evans
 Atlas Holdings  Mareiport SA
 Atlas International  Marger Johnson & McCollom
 atlas international lift trucks  Marine
 Atlas Lift Truck  Marine Terminals Corp
 Atlas Lift Truck Rentals & Sales  Marine Travelift
 Atlas Toyota Material Handling  Marine Travelift Inc
 Atlas Weighing  Marioti
 Atlet  Mariotti
 Atlet AB  Maritima del Principado
 Atlet BV  Maritime Container Services
 Atlet PartsStore  Maritime Logistics International Forum
 atlet.ohman trukit  Maritime Union
 atollo  Maritime Union of Australia
 Atradius  Maritime Union of Australia (MUA)
 A-Treat Bottling Co  Maritime Union of New Zealand
 ATSG  Market Motion
 Attachment Engineering  Marketeck
 Attica  Marketing Angels
 Attica Equipment  Marriott
 Attica Equipment Ltd  Mars Food Australia
 Attollo  Mars Wrigley Australia
 Attollo Attachments  Marsa Maroc
 Attollo Australia  Marshalls
 Auckland Airport  Martin Industrial Truck
 Auckland District Court  Martin Walter Co Inc
 Auckland Harbour  Martor Australia
 Auckland Region Women’s Corrections Facility  Maryland Occupational Safety
 Auctioneers  Masco
 Audi AG  Maserati
 Aumund  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Auramo  Massena Pty Ltd
 Auramo Oy  Massena Pty Ltd (trading as Star Freightlines)
 Aurizon  Massey Ferguson
 Aurora Lift Truck Service Inc  Masslift
 Aurora Lift-Truck Service Inc  Masslift Africa
 AUSA  Masslift Africa Pty Ltd
 AUSA CENTER  MassMutual
 AUSA Center SLU  Mast
 AUsdrill  Mast Explorer Canada Inc
 AusFork  Mast srl
 Ausfork Pty Ltd  Master Builders Australia
 Ausfork Training  Master Craft Industrial Equipment
 AusIntermodal  Master Lift
 Ausió Sistemas de Elevación SL  Masterbulk Pte Ltd
 Auslink  MasterCard
 Auspack  Masterlift
 AusRail  Masterlift Truck Service Inc
 Austalian Customs  MasterMover
 Austrade  Matbro
 Australasian Production and Inventory Control Society (apicsAU)  Mateco
 Australasian Production andnventory Cont  Mateco AG
 Australasian Rail Association  Matera
 Australasian Railway Association  Materi
 Australasian Railway Association (ARA)  Material Handling Business
 Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative  Material handling Equipment
 Australia Institute  Material Handling Equipment Co
 Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne) Pty Ltd  Material Handling Equipment Distributors Assn
 Australia Post  Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association
 Australian Air Express  Material Handling Equipment Distributors’ Association
 Australian air Express (AaE)  Material Handling Inc
 Australian Air Express International  Material Handling Industry of Amera
 Australian Air Express Queensland  Material Handling Industry of America
 Australian Airports Association  Material Handling Institute
 Australian Amalgamated Terminals  Material Handling Logistics Personnel
 Australian Amalgamated Terminals (AAT)  Material Handling Products Corp
 Australian Army  Material Handling Service Inc
 Australian Astronomical Observatory  Material Handling Services
 Australian Bankers' Association (ABA)  Material Handling Services Inc
 Australian Box Recycling  Material Handling Supply
 Australian Bureau of Statistics  Material Handling Supply Inc
 Australian Carbon Trading Expo  Material Handling Systems
 Australian Centre for Post-traumatic Mental Health  Materials Handling
 Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI)  Materials Handling and Distribution
 Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry  Materials Handling and Safety Show
 Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)  Materials Handling Equipment
 Australian Competition & Consumer Commission  Materials Handling Management
 Australian Competition and Consumer Commission  materials handling middle east
 Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)  Materials Handling Pty Ltd
 Australian Construction and Equipment Expo Queensland  Materials Transportation Company
 Australian Construction and Equipment Expo Queensland (ACE QLD)  Matermaco
 Australian Container Freight Services  Matex
 Australian Customs and Border Protection Service  Matrics Inc
 Australian Defence Force  Matthai Material Handling
 Australian Department of Defence  Matthews Equipment Ltd
 Australian Exhibitions & Conferences  Maunsell
 Australian Exhibitions and Conferences  Maverick Equipment
 Australian Federation of International Forwarders  Max Truck AB
 Australian Flameproof Services  MAXAM
 Australian Flameproof Services (AFS)  Maxam Tire
 Australian Food Group  MAXAM Tire North America
 Australian Forklift and Industrial Trucks Association  Maxam Ueb Sociedad Limitada of Galdakao
 Australian Forklift Training  Maxiforce
 Australian Freight Conference  Maxilift Australia
 Australian Freight Councils Network (AFCN)  Maxim
 Australian Gold Reagents  Maxim Crane
 Australian Government  Maxim Crane Works
 Australian Government Defence Materiel Organisation  maximal
 Australian Government Department of Education  Maximal Forklift
 Australian Heavy Logistics (AHL)  MaxTruck
 Australian Industrial Lift Truck Association  MaxTruck AB
 Australian Industrial Truck Association  Maxwell Rotors
 Australian Industrial Truck Association (AITA)  Maxwell Technologies Inc
 Australian Industrial Truck Association(AITA)  Maxxiom
 Australian Industrial Truck Engineering Committee  Maxxiomaccess
 Australian Industry Group  Maxxiomhoists
 Australian Industry Group (AIG)  Maybury Material Handling
 Australian Industry Standards  Mayne Nickless
 Australian Institute of Export  McAllister SAS
 Australian Institute of Packaging  McAlpines Timber Limited
 Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP)  McCall Handling
 Australian International Container Terminals  McColls Transport
 Australian IT  McConnell Dowell
 Australian Lamb Company  McDonald's
 Australian Liquor Marketing  MCFA
 Australian Logistics Council (ALC)  mcfe
 Australian Logistics Council  MCFE bv - Mitsubishi Cat Lift Trucks - Almere
 Australian Logistics Council (ALC)  McGovern Crane Hire
 Australian Logistics Council.  McGrathNicol
 Australian Maritime Safety Authority  McGregor Logistics
 Australian Marketing Institute  McGuiggan Wines
 Australian Museum  McIntosh and Son
 Australian National Stevedore (ANS)  McKinstry Skip Hire
 Australian newspaper  McLaren
 Australian Packaging Machinery Association  McLeman Forklift Services
 Australian Paper.  McNally Australia
 Australian Prime Property Fund Industrial  McWane Inc
 Australian Production  MD Logistics
 Australian Quality Training Framework 2007  MDL Marinas
 Australian Quality Training Institute  Meadow Fresh
 Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service  MEC Aerial Work Platforms
 Australian Raiil Track Corporation  Mecalux
 Australian Rail Corporation  Mecano Continental
 Australian Rail Track Corporation  Mecano Continental SA
 Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC)  Mecano Continentals
 Australian Rail Track Corporation’(ARTC)  Mecano Reja
 Australian Research Council  Mecano-Reja
 Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA)  Mecano-Reja SA
 Australian Safety & Compensation Council  Mechan Group
 Australian Safety & Compensation Council (ASCC)  Mechanical and Transportation Equipment
 Australian Safety and Compensation Council  Meclift
 Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)  Media Access Solutions
 Australian Securities Exchange  Media Globe
 Australian Standards  Mediaco
 Australian Supply Chain and Logistics (ASCL)  Mediterranean Shipping Company
 Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Awards (ASCL)  Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)
 Australian Tax Office  Medley Material Handling
 Australian Transport and Energy Corridor (ATEC)  Med-Link
 Australian Trucking Association  Meerea Park Wines
 Australian Trucking Association (ATA)  Meertens
 Australian Warehousing Association  Meese Orbitron Dunne
 Australian Warehousing Association (AusWA)  Mega Construction and Heavy Contractors
 Australian-Japan Business Corporation Committee  MegaPrint Inc
 Australis Engineering  Megatrans
 Austria Finanza  Meijer
 Austrlaian Vinyls Corporation  Meijer Handling Solutions
 Austrolease  Meijer Special Equipment
 AUT University  Meijer Special Equipment V.O.F
 Auto Maquinaria  Meijer Special Equipment VOF
 Auto One  Meis Baumaschinen
 Auto Skills Australia (ASA)  Melbourne
 Auto Sueco  Melbourne Airport
 Autocare  Melbourne County Court
 Autoelevadores Yale SA  Melbourne International RoRo Automotive Terminal (MIRRAT)
 AutoGiode  Melbourne Materials Handling
 AutoGuide  Melbourne Water Corporation
 Autolift  Menards
 Automated Material Handling Systems Association  Menlo
 Automated Waste Equipment Inc  Mentor
 Automation Control System  Mentor FLT Training
 Automation Devices Inc  Mentor Forklift Training
 Automotion Control Systems Pty Ltd  Mentor Trainin
 Automotive  Mentor Training
 Automotive Energy Supply Corporation  Menzies
 Automotive Holdings  Mercedes Benz
 Automotive Holdings Group  Mercedes-Benz
 Automotive Holdings Group (AHG)  Mercer
 Automotive Personnel International  Meritor
 Automoviles Utilitarios SA AUSA  Merkel Autokrane
 AutoNexus  Merlo
 Autoparts  Merlo Deutschland GmbH
 AutoStore  Merlo SpA
 Auto-Trade Parts  Merlo UK
 Avanz Asia  Mersey Docks & Harbour Company
 Aventis  Mertens Heftruck Service
 Aveo Inc  Mertens Heftruck Service BVBA
 Aver Asia  Mervyn Plant
 Avery Weighh-Tronix  Messe Frankfurt Middle East
 Avery Weigh-Tronix  Messe München
 Avesco AG  Messe München GmbH
 Avis Industrial Corp  Messe München International
 Aviva  Messe Munchen Shanghai
 Avonmouth Shipping  Metals
 AVS SYSTEM LIFT  Metalsistem Australia and Manhattan Associates
 AVSS  Metcash
 AVSS Group  Metro AG
 award  Metrobox
 Axane SA  Metropack
 Axis  Mettler Toledo
 Axis Bledisloe  mevea
 Axis Fergusson  MeVEA Ltd
 Axis Intermodal  MEX Aerial Work Platforms
 AxleTech International  Mexican Association of Machinery Distribitors
 ayer Autokran-Vermietun  Mexican Machinery Dealer Association
 AZ Worldwide  Mexico Natie
 Azure  Mexmast
 B & B Attachments  Meyer
 B & B Attachments Ltd  Meyer GmbH
 B & C  Meyer Sarl
 B and B attachments  Meyer Turku
 B& B Attachments  Meyer Wainright Liftruck Attachments
 B&B Attachements  Meyrick and Associates
 B&B attachments  MFT Distributors (Pty) Ltd Co
 B&B Attachments Ltd  MH Distribution
 B&B Attachmetns  MH Distribution Company
 B&B Expositions Inc  MH Equipmen
 B&D Australia  mh equipment
 B&D Doors and Openers  MH Equipment Co
 Babcock & Brown  MH Logistics Corp
 Babcock & Brown Infrastructure  MHD 2003
 Babcock & Brown Infrastructure (BBI)  MHD Green Energy Solutions
 Babcock & Brown Infrastructure Group  MHEA
 Babcock International Group  MHED
 Babson Capital  MHEDA
 Bac2  MHE-Demag
 Bachman Services Inc  MHEDS
 Badger Equipment Co  MHEFI
 Badger ToyotaLift  MHIA
 BAE Systems  MHI-Demag
 Bagot International  MHS Lift
 Bahrns Materials Handling and Equipment  MHS Lift Inc
 BAK Battery Co.  Miag
 Baker Hughes  Miami Industrial Trucks
 Baldwin and Francis  Miami Industrial Trucks Inc
 Balgownie  MIAS
 Balkancar  MIC SA
 Balkancar Dunav  michael leu
 Balkancar Erma  Michaels Group.
 Balkancar G Mihaylov Co  Michelin
 Balkancar Record  Michielsens
 Balkancar Ruen  Michigan Industrial Equipment
 Balkancar Sredets  Michigan; Skarnes Inc/DL Systems of New Brighton
 Balkancar Zarya  Mick Young Scholarship Trust (MYST)
 Balkancar ZFI  MicroDot Security Solutions LLC
 Balkankar Zarya  Microlift Co Ltd
 Ballard  Micronetics Inc
 Ballard Power Systems  Microsoft
 Ballard Power Systems Inc  MICT
 Balloo  Mid Atlantic Industrial Equipment
 Ballyvesey Group  Mid Columbia
 Balqon Corp  Mid Country Machinery Inc
 Baltic Container Terminal  MIDAC
 BALtrans  Midac SpA
 BALtrans Holdings  Midac UK
 Balyo  Middle East and Africa
 Bamag Maschinen AG  Middletons
 Ban-Air  Midfield Meat International
 Bandengroothandel Mast BV  Mid-Florida Forklift Inc
 Bangkok Forklift Global  Mid-Hudson Forklift Rental Corp
 Bangkok Komatsu Forklift Co Ltd  Midland Brick
 Bangkok Motor Works  Midland Fork Lifts
 Bank Austria Creditandstalt Leasing  Midland Group
 Bank of America  Midland Materials Handling Co Ltd
 Bank of Queensland  Mid-Ohio Material Handling
 Banks DIH  Mid-South Lift Trucks
 BankSA Crime Stoppers  Mid-State Industrial Services Inc
 Banyitong Science & Technology Developing Co - MiMA electric forklift  MidStates Equipment Rental and Sales Inc
 Banyitong Science & Technology Developing Co.,Ltd. - MIMA  Midwest Big Lift
 Baoli  MidWest Industrial Equipment Inc
 Baoli Forklift  Midwest Manufacturing
 Baoli Forklift (M) Sdn Bhd  Midwest Masonry
 Baoli Group  Midwest Supply Company
 Baoli Material Handling Europe  Miele
 BAP Group  Mi-Jack
 Barbera Farms  Mildura Fruit Company
 Barberry Corp  Mildura Hydraulics & Forklifts
 Barclay Brand Ferdon  Mile HIgh Forklift
 Barex Equipment  Mill Corp
 Barge Terminal Tilburg  Miller Brewing Co
 Barlow  Miller Equipment
 Barlow Handling  Milton Transportation Inc
 barloworld  Milwaukee Mile
 Barloworld Empilhadores  MIMA
 Barloworld Fleet Rentals  Minda Supply
 Barloworld Handling  Miner Material Handling
 Barloworld Handling UK  Mineral Council of Australia
 Barloworld Intern Transport (Nederland)  Minerals Council of Australia
 Barloworld Internal Transport  Mines & Energy
 Barloworld Logistics  Mining & Energy Union
 Barloworld Ltd  Ministerial Freight Advisory Council (MFAC)
 Barloworld Motor  Ministry of Business
 Barloworld Scientific  Ministry of Defence
 Barloworld Supply Chain Software  Ministry of Roads and Ports
 Barou Equipements  Ministry of Transport
 Barrett  Minit-Charger
 Barrett Industrial Trucks  Minnesota Supply Company
 Barrier Security Products  Minnesota; Flexicell Inc robotic systems of Ashland
 Barry Training Services  Minteq UK
 baseplan  MIPEC Technologies Equipment Joint Stock Company
 Baseplan Software  miretti
 Baseplan Software Pty Ltd  Miretti Americas
 BASF Australia  Miretti SpA
 Bastian Solutions  Miretti USAMaterial Handling Industry of America
 battery council international  Mission Australia
 Battery Equaliser Australia Pty Ltd  Mississippi Clarklift Inc
 battery guru  Missouri University of Science and Technology
 Battery Handling Systems  MIST group
 Battery Handling Systems Inc  mistubishicaterpiller forklift europe
 Battery Life Plus  Mistubushi Forklift Trucks
 Battery Rescue Services  Misubishi
 battery supplies  Mitchell Corp
 Battery Supplies n.v.  MiTek
 Battery Technology Solutions  Mitre 10
 BatterySupplies  Mitsubish
 Battioni e Pagani  Mitsubishi
 BattLife Inc  Mitsubishi Caterpillar
 Baulderstone  Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift
 Baulderstone Hornibrook  Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America
 bauma  Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America In
 bauma China  Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc
 Baumann  Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc (MCFA)
 Baumann Canada  Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.
 BaxTek Solutions Inc  Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Asia
 Baxter Laboratories  Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe
 Bay of Plenty Polytechnic  Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe BV
 BayWa  Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Trucks BV
 BBS Forks  mitsubishi caterpillar forklifts europe
 BBS-TEK  Mitsubishi Forklift Europe BV
 BD & MD Nicol  Mitsubishi Forklift Truck
 BDP International  Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks
 be fleet  Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks of Houston
 Beacon Sweets and Chocolates  Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks UK
 Beaconsfield Mine  Mitsubishi Forklifts
 Bearcat  Mitsubishi Gaffeltruck Norge
 Bearcat Tyres  Mitsubishi Heavy
 Beaulieu  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
 Beaumont Tiles  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI)
 beb industrial management  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries de Mexico SA
 Bechtel  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Forklift
 Becker's Forklift  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Inc
 Beckton Corp  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd
 Bedford  mitsubishi heavy industry
 Beef City  Mitsubishi Lift Australia Holdings
 BE-Fleet  Mitsubishi Logisnext
 Bega Cheese  Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas
 Behrens-Wöhlk-Gruppe  Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe
 Beijing Chinjeng  Mitsubishi Motors Australia
 Beizein  Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation
 Béjaia Mediterranean Terminal  Mitsubishi Nichiyu
 Belet  Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift
 Belgrade Chamber of Commerce  Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift Co
 Bell Bay Aluminium  Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift Co Ltd
 Bell Equipment  Mitsubishi-Caterpillar
 Belotti  Mitsubishi-Caterpillar Forklift
 Bemer Petroleum Corp  Mitsubishi-Caterpillar Forklift America
 Ben Nghe Port  Mitsui
 Benchmark  Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding
 Benco Industrial Equipmen  Mitsui Machinery Distribution
 Benco Industrial Equipment  Mitsui OSK Lines
 Bendi  Mittal Steel
 Bendi UK  MK SNAP
 Bendigo Mitchell  MLA holding
 Benelux  mla holdings
 Bengbu Grip Forklift Truck Attachments Co Ltd  MLA Holdings Pty Ltd
 Benning Power Electronics Inc  MLTI
 bernd dolk  MMD Equipment
 Best Forklift Service  MMHG Asia Pacific
 Best Inc  mobicon
 Best Line Equipment  Mobicon Systems
 Best Sheds  Mobi-Hub
 Betta Group  Mobile
 Beumer  Mobile Industrial Tyres Ltd
 Beumer Group  Mobile Industries Inc
 Beumer Maschinenfabrik  Modern Crane
 Bevchain JV  Modern Dis Ticaret
 Beyel Brothers  Modern Enerji Elektrik Üretim
 Beyond Products  Modern Equipment & Supply
 BG&E  Modern Group
 BGHW  Modern Group Ltd
 BGM Equipment  Modern International Trading Company
 BGW Group  Modern Material Handling
 BHP Billiton  Modern Materials Handling
 BHP Steel  Modern Motor Trimmer
 BIA Group  Modern Terminals
 Bibby  MODEX
 Bidvest  Modjoul
 Big 3 Precision Products  Modulift
 Big Ass Fans.  Moffett
 Big Food Group  Moffett BV
 Big Fork Truck  Moffett Engineering
 big joe  Moffett Engineering Ltd
 Big Joe Forklifts  Moffett-Kooi
 Big Jor Forklifts  Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al Bahar
 Big Lift  MoJaCo Fodertechnik
 Big Lift LLC  Möller Manlift
 Big Lift Trucks  Mollydooker Wines
 Big W  Molok Ltd
 Bigge Crane and Rigging Co  Molokini Marketing Ltd
 Bigge Equipment Co.  Molokini Marketing Ltd (Pyroban)
 Bil-Jax  Molzen
 Bil-Jax Inc  Momatt
 Bill Wahl Supply Inc  Momatt SA
 Binder Machinery Co  Monaco Group
 Bintech  Monaco Group Inc
 Biomet-Ross  MonarchFx
 Birds Eye  Monark
 BIS Henderson  Monash University
 Bis Henderson Consulting  Monash University Accident Research Centre
 Bis Henderson Recruitment  Mondello Farms
 BIS Shrapnel  Mondi
 bishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc  Mondi Packaging
 Bishop Lifting Products  Mondiale
 Bishop Lifting Products Inc  Mönkemöller
 Bismark Maritime  Monnoyeur Group
 BISON  Monst (formerly Lloyd Brewer Marine Pty Ltd)
 Bison stematic  Montacargas Panama Pacifico
 Bissett Specialty Equipmen  Montréal Hydraulique 04
 BITA  Montreal Terminals
 BITA and RTITB  Moog Aircraft
 BJB Lift Trucks  Moorebank Intermodal Company
 Blachdeker  Moorebank Intermodal Company (MIC)
 Black Box Industrial Controls (BBIC)  Moorebank Intermodal Terminal
 Black Magic Design  Moores Timber
 Blanken  Moorgate Forklifts Ltd
 Blanken Controls BV  Moose Toys
 Blenners Transport  mora
 Bleu Blanc  Morning Post
 BLG Logistics Group  Morris
 Blink International  Morris Leslie Plant Hire
 BlokCorp  Morris Material Handling
 Blount Fine Foods  Morris Material Handling Inc
 BLT Logistics  morris materials handling
 BLT WORLD  Morris Materials Handling Inc
 Blue Giant  Morrison Supply Co
 Blue Mountain Forklift Round Up  Mostostal Chojnice SA
 Blue Mountain OSH  Motive Power Services
 bluebatt  motleys
 BlueLine Rental  Motor Accidents Commission
 BlueScope  Motorola
 Bluescope Steel  Motrac
 Bluescopesteel  Motrac Handling and Cleaning
 Bluestar Global Logistics  Motrac Hydrauliek
 Bluetron  Motrac Intern Transport
 Bluff  Motrac IT
 Bluff Manufacturing  Mountain Industries
 Bluff Manufacturing Inc  Mountain Lumber Company
 Blulift  Mountain View
 Blymer Engineers Inc  MPM Forklifts
 BM Fresh  Mr Plant Hire
 BMB Weatherproof Canopies  MrGregor
 BMHRI  Mrs Crocket’s Kitchen
 BMW Group  MSC Home
 bmwt  MSC Home Terminal
 BMZ Holding  MSC Terminal VLC
 BNP Paribas Lease Group  MSC Valencia
 BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions  MSE Forks
 Bob the Builder  mse-forks
 Bobcat  MSI Mechforge
 Bobcat Equipment  MSI-Forks
 Bobcat Equipment South Africa  MSLT
 Bobcat of Lancaster  MSM Hire
 BOC Group  Mtech Australia
 Bode-Finn  MTS Group
 Body Blue  Mudmaster Junior
 Boeing  Mulitlift
 Boeing Co  Multi Shifter
 Boeing Company  MultiKar Co Ltd
 Boels Rental  Multilift
 Bohena AB  Multimodal
 Bohle  Multiquip
 Bohus  MultiServ
 BOLD  Multitel Pagliero
 Bolivariana de Puertos SA  Multiton
 Bolloré Group  Multiton MIC
 Bolloré Logistics Australia  Munich
 BOLO  Munich Technical Universit
 bolo mirrors  Munlift
 Bolzoni  Munquip
 Bolzoni Aurama  Muratec
 Bolzoni Auramo  Musashi Seimitsu
 Bolzoni Auramo (Shanghai) Forklift Truck Attachment Co Ltd  Mustang
 Bolzoni Auramo Australia Pty Ltd  Mustang Industrial Equipment
 Bolzoni Auramo BV  Mustang Manufacturing
 Bolzoni Auramo Canada  Mustang Manufacturing Co
 Bolzoni Auramo Canada Ltd  Mustang Manufacturing Company
 Bolzoni Auramo GmbH  Mustang Tractor & Equipment Company
 Bolzoni Auramo Group  MV Commercial
 Bolzoni Auramo Inc  MV Commercial Limited
 Bolzoni Auramo Inc.  My Wish Enterprise PLC
 Bolzoni Auramo Ltd  Myer
 Bolzoni Auramo Polska  Myers Select Material Handling
 Bolzoni Auramo Sarl  MYOB Australia
 Bolzoni Auramo SpA  N.C. Nielsen
 Bolzoni Group  NA 2004
 Bolzoni Holding Hong Kong  Naccim Yale
 Bolzoni Huaxin  Nacco
 Bolzoni Huaxin Co Ltd  Nacco (NMHG)
 Bolzoni Sarl  Nacco Europe
 Bolzoni SpA  NACCO Industries
 Bolzoni Spa (Head Office)  Nacco Industries Inc
 Bolzoni-Auramo  Nacco Material Handling
 Bolzoni-Auramo (Shanghai) Fork Lift Truck Attachment Co Ltd  Nacco Material Handling Group
 Bolzoni-Auramo SpA  Nacco Material Handling Group (NMHG)
 Boman  Nacco Material Handling Group Inc
 Boman Forklift  NACCO Materials Handling
 bomaq  NACCO Materials Handling BV
 Bomaq Canada  Nacco Materials Handling Group
 Bomaq Industries  Nacco Materials Handling Group Inc
 Bomaq Industries SL  NACCO Materials Handling Inc
 Booker Cash & Carry  NACCO Materials Handling Limited
 Booktopia  Nacco Materials Handling Ltd
 Boom Logistics  NAEDA
 Booth Transport  Nagatsu Kogyo
 Boral  Nanalyze
 Boral Bricks  Napier Port
 Border Express  Narrow Aisel
 Borg Manufacturing  Narrow Aisle
 Borrell Associates  Narrow Aisle Flexi
 Bosch  Narrow Aisle In
 Bosch Rexroth  Narrow Aisle Inc
 boss  Narrow Aisle Ltd
 Boston Casting Inc  Narrow-Aisle
 Boston Dynamics  Natco Foods Ltd
 Bothra Shipping Services  National Agency for Food & Drug Administration & Control
 Bowker Group  National Australia Bank
 Box Robotics  National Bank
 Bozela Parts AB  National Carriers
 B-P Battioni e Pagani  National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
 BP Fruits  National Crane
 b-p handling technolgies  National Distribution Center
 BP HANDLING TECHNOLOGIES  National Electrical Contractors Association
 BPR/RICO Equipment  National Equipment
 BPR-Rico  National Equipment Dealers
 Bradken Resources  National Equipment Register
 brambles  National Equipment Register Inc
 Brambles Industrial Services  National Equipment Services
 Brambles Industries  National Exhibition Centre
 Bramieri Srl  National Fire Protection Association
 Brammo  National Fleet Administrative Services
 Brand Energy & Instrastrucutre Services  National Fleet Network
 Brand Tractor  National Fleet Network (NFN)
 Brando  National Foods Limited
 Bravi  National Fork Truck Heritage Centre
 Bravi Platforms  National Forklift Exchange Inc
 Bravo Montacargas  National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
 Bread for the City  National Hydrogen Association
 Breakbulk Europe  National ICT Australia
 Breakbulk Events & Media- an ITE Group plc  National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
 Bremco  National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology
 Brenham  National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
 Bridgestone  National Institute of Standards and Technology
 Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire LLC  National Lift LLC
 Bridgestone-Firestone North American Tire LLC  National Lift of Arkansas
 Brieda Cabins  National Lift of Arkansas Inc
 Brigade  National Lift Truck
 Brigade Electronics  National Lift Truck Service
 Brigade Electronics Plc  National Mailing and Marketing
 Briggs  National Manufacturing Week
 Briggs & Stratton  National Marine Manufacturers Association
 Briggs Defence  National Petrochemical and Refiners Association
 Briggs Defence.  National Pipe and Plastics Inc
 briggs equipment  National Plant & Equipment Register
 Briggs Equipment Inc  National Post
 Briggs Equipment Ltd  National Quality Council
 Briggs Equipment UK  National Rental Operators' Mutual Association
 Briggs Equipment UK Ltd  National Road Transport Association
 Briggs Equipment US  National Safety Council
 Briggs Equipment.  National Safety Show
 Briggs Industrial Equipment Inc  National Storage
 Briggs International  National Training Institute
 Briggs International Inc  National Transport Commission
 Bright Coop  National Transport Commission (NTC)
 Brighton Transport Group  National Workforce Development Fund (NWDF)
 Brighton Transport Hub  NationsRent
 Bring Logistics  Nationwide Handling
 Brisbane Airport  Nationwide Lift Trucks
 Brisbane Auto Recycling  natRoad
 Brisbane Container Terminals  NatRoads
 Brisbane Container Terminals (BCT)  Natural Gas Vehicle International
 Brisbane Markets  Natures Organics
 Brisbane Truck Show  Naumann/Hobbs Material Handling
 Bristol Forklifts  Naumann/Hobbs Material Handling Inc
 Bristow Bed  Naumann-Hobbs Material Handling
 Bristow Beds  Navigant Research
 Brisweigh  Navigator
 Britain's Got Talent  Navis
 British Airways  Navistar
 British America Tobacco  Navitas
 British Chamber of Commerce  Navitas Systems
 British Columbia Workers' Compensation Board  Navlandis
 British Industrial Truck Association  Navman
 British Industrial Truck Association (BITA)  NC Nielsen
 British Industrial Trucks Association  NCSC
 British International Freight Association  NCSP
 British Safety Council  Nebraska Lift Systems
 British Salt  Nebraska Machinery Co Inc
 British Standards Institute  Nebraska Safety Council
 British Transport Police  Neff
 BRITTOp  Neff Rental
 Brixham harbour  Neff-United
 Broadway Industries  Nelcon
 Broekman Logistics  Nelcon BV
 Bromma  Nene Mechanical Handling
 Bromma Conquip  NES Rental
 Bromma Conquip AB  NES Rentals
 Bromma Group  NES Rentals Holdings Inc
 Bronto  Nestle
 Bronze Mechanical Handling  Nestle Australia
 Brookfield  Nestlé North America
 Brookfield Infrastructure Partners  Nestlé Water North America
 Brookfield Rail  Net Strike srl
 Brooklyn Hospital Center  NetForks
 Brose  Netlogix
 Brother International Australia  Nett
 Bruco Maskin  Nett Systems
 Brudi  Nett Technologies
 BS Forklift  Nett Technologies Inc
 BS Forklifts  Nett Technologies Inc; Papé Group Inc; Raymond Handling Solutions Inc
 BS Forklifts International BV  Netto Truck A/S
 BT Enterprises Inc  NetZero
 BT Equipment  Neumaier
 BT Group  New Balance
 BT Industries  New England Industrial Truck
 BT Lift Trucks  New England Industrial Truck Inc
 BT Lifter  New England Motor Freight Inc
 BT Lifttrucks  New Holland
 BT Polska Sp zoo  New Holland Agriculture
 BT- Prime Mover  New Holland Construction
 BT Products  New Jersey Meat wholesaler
 BT Rolatruc  New Tec
 BT Russia  New World
 BT Varastotekniikka Oy  New York City Transit
 BT-HungaryWaberer's Group  New York Mets
 BT-Rolatruc  New Zealand Access Hire
 BTU Hartmeier Entsorgung  New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development
 BTX Global Logistics  New Zealand Couriers
 Bublitz Material Handling  New Zealand Forklift Manufacturers and Distributors Association
 Buckhurst  New Zealand government
 Bucyrus  New Zealand Herald
 Budget Attachments & Parts  New Zealand Industrial Sales Ltd
 Budget Forklifts  New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER)
 Budget Forklifts (NSW)  New Zealand Labour Department and Police
 Budget Forklifts NSW  New Zealand Ministry of Transport
 Budget Forklifts WA  New Zealand Post
 Buenos Aires Container Terminal Services SA  Newcastle
 Buffalo Lift Trucks  Newcastle Port
 Building Research Establishment  Newcastle Stevedores
 Built Environs  NewCold
 Buker Australasia  Newcrest Mining
 Bulkex  Newell Rubbermaid Inc
 Bulldog Battery  Newfoundland Labrador Injured Workers Association
 Bulldog Battery Corp  News Limited
 Bulmer's  Newton Kansan
 bulmor lancer  NEX Transport
 Bulmor Technik GmbH  Nexen
 Bundaberg Regional Council  Nexen Fork Lifts
 Bunnings  Nexen Group
 Bunnings Warehouse  Nexen Lift Truck
 Burberry  Nexen Lift Trucks
 Bureau International des Containers  Nexen Lift Trucks Ltd
 Bureau of Infrastructure  Nexen UK
 Bureau Veritas Certification  Next Capital
 Burger Hub- und Transportmittel  NexTech Materials Ltd
 Burnham Composites Inc  Nexus Logistics
 Burns Industrial Equipment  NFCNA
 Busan Port Authority  NFPA
 Busck Prestressed Concrete  Ngow Hock Group
 Busck Prestressed Concrete Limited  NHC Holding BV
 Business Council of Australia  Nichiyu
 Business Council of Australia (BCA)  Nichiyu Australia
 Business Enterprise Centres  Nichiyu Electric Forklifts
 Business New Zealand  Nichiyu Forklift (Thailand) Co Ltd
 Buss Engineering & Heavy Equipment Repairin  Nichiyu Forklifts Australia
 Busto Arsizio-Gallarate  Nicholas & Co Inc
 Butler  Nicholson Terminal & Dock
 Butler Learning Systems  NICTA
 Butler Machinery Co  NICTA (National ICT Australia).
 BYD Forklift  NIDN
 BYD Shaoguan Industrial Park  Nielsen NetRatings
 C&B Lift Truck Service Inc  Niftylift
 C&C Lift Truck  Nigerian Customs Service
 C&D Fork Trucks  Nigerian Ports Authority
 C&D Skilled Robotics  Niigata Caterpillar
 C&D Technologies  Nike
 C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc  Nikkei Business Daily
 C.H. Robinson Worldwide  Nikkei Industrial Daily News
 C.RO Ports  Niko Ltd
 C3 Limited  Nine West
 Cadbury  Ningbo
 Caddy Storage  Ningbo Cholift
 Caetano Group  Ningbo Liftstar
 Cagotec  Ningbo Ruyi
 Cainiao  Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock
 Cainiao Smart Logistics Network  Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co Ltd
 Caja Robotics  Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co.
 Cal/OSHA  Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co., Ltd.
 CalAmp  Ningbo Staxx Material Handling Equipment Co.
 Calders & Grandidge  Ningbo Staxx Material Handling Equipment Co.,Ltd
 Caldwell  Ningbo Tailong
 Caldwell Group  Ningo Ruyi
 Caldwell Group Inc.  Nippon Kogyo Shimbun
 Calibre Material Handling  Nippon Yosuki
 California Air Resources Board  Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (the NYK Group)
 California Environmental Protection Agency  Nippon Yusoki
 California Hydrogen Business Council  Nippon Yusoki Co
 California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC)  Nippon Yusoki Co Ltd
 California Rental Association  Nippon Yusoki Co Ltd’s
 Californian Hydrogen and fuel cell business council  Nirovision
 Cal-Lift Inc