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Forklift Access, Monitoring, Control and Safety Systems
Thursday, 5 Mar 2009 ( #400 )
Keytroller, LLC offers a complete line of electronic safety devices for all makes and model forklifts and other equipment.  No matter what the issue, KEYTROLLER offers a solution.  The company’s offerings include

KEYTROLLER  keypad     Available in simple code or RFID card keypad ignition or advanced model with impact and speed sensing, maintenance scheduling, code/card expiration and data logging.  Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wifi wireless options

KEYTROLLER  LCD     Company’s most sophisticated model with LCD screen for checklist automation and impact and speed sensing, maintenance scheduling, code/card expiration and data logging.  Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wifi wireless options

KISS    RFID card enabling only.  Available in BUTTON (keyless ignition) or NO-BUTTON (enables key) models.  Features include impact and speed sensing, maintenance scheduling, code/card expiration and data logging.  Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wifi wireless options

START-SMART     Indestructible metal piezo keypad simple ignition system designed for tough outdoor applications  ---no moving parts.  Metal keypad now also available as option on Keytroller keypad 105 devices.

SPEED-SAVER     Control’s vehicle speed automatically with NO effect on low speed engine RPM.   New series is designed for "plug and play" for new electronic throttle vehicles.

TIRE-SAVER     Prevents directional change if the engine RPM or vehicle speed is above threshold setpoint.  Improves tire life and protects transmission

CYBERWATCH     NEW!!  Cellular GPS hour meter for inexpensive tracking of usage for scheduling of mechanics.   New option includes RFID card driver input to enable ignition key.  

WEIGHTROLLER  ECONOMY     Inexpensive single channel hydraulic scale.  Accuracy to within 100# on a 5000# capacity forklift  (Kgs or Lbs)

WEIGHTROLLER  VANGUARD     World’s most accurate hydraulic scale uses bypass to take error out of pressure readings.  Accuracy improved to 10# in 5000# forklift. (Kgs or Lbs)   Device also has weighing event logging of up to 99 events on up to 99 different channels.

Improving safety, management control and profitability of forklift operations KEYTROLLER engineering has developed an extensive line of access, monitoring, control and weight devices that fit to ANY make or model lift truck. You choose from a wide array of models for different applications and budgets. You are NOT tied to the lift truck manufacturer and their access system. You have the freedom to choose the best lift truck  supplier independent of its monitoring system. Providing you with the features that deliver the benefits you want:
  • Impact Sensing – reduce damage by making operators accountable for reckless driving

  • Overload Sensing – sensor provides output to  KEYTROLLER when forklift is overloaded - operator is warned and event is recorded

  • Performance Sensing – Input can read auxiliary "work hours" like traction or lift pump time on LCD

  • Speed Sensing – reduce damage by making operators accountable for unsafe speeds

  • Maintenance Scheduling – insure maintenance is completed by hour meter or date scheduling

  • Checklist Automation – totally programmable daily,weekly, monthly checklist items PASS/FAIL - insures operator compliance and accountability - critical item failures require supervisor interface

  • Code or RFID Card Enabling – insure ONLY trained and authorized operators can start the forklift

  • Code or RFID Card Expiration – insure recurrent training is scheduled and completed

  • Eliminate Keys – START and STOP forklift directly from keypad - no more lost or broken keys

  • Engine Sensing – Auxiliary input senses low oil pressure and high engine temperature for automatic shut down

  • Seat Sensing – automatic shut down when an operator leaves his seat

  • Seat Belt Sensing – Auxiliary input insures your operators buckle their seat belts

  • Idle Sensing – prevents operators from sitting for long periods on an idling forklift

  • Event Logging – Provides management with information on forklift/operator usage and driving

  • Wireless Connectivity – easy connection to forklifts for programming and downloading

  • Wireless text messaging – can send text messages to forklifts with LCD devices
Keytroller LCD 500 Series - Top of the line LCD screen RFID monitoring devices

Connection options
2.4 ghzr "Zigbee" radios: 500 to 1000 foot range indoors 802.11 "WiFi" radios use existing access point infrastructure.
CYBERTOOTH radio: Easy, affordable "Bluetooth" short range radios eliminate cable between PC/Laptop and KEYTROLLER device. Move radio from device to device.
CYBERKEY data transfer key: Key can program and download event log data from multiple KEYTROLLER units. Key brought back to PC/Laptop to extract data.

Keytroller keypad 105 Series

Monitoring systems available with "bullet proof" metal piezo keypad option and internal potting protection.

Installs on any make, model or capacity gas, LPG, diesel or electric powered equipment.

Features are similar to 500 Series but without an LCD screen. RFID Card or  operator code starts the engine. Checklist must be completed with PASS/FAIL and is recorded as an event. Installs on any make, model or capacity gas, LPG, diesel or electric powered equipment

Features are similar to 500 Series but without an LCD screen. RFID Card or operator code starts the engine. Checklist must be completed with PASS/FAIL and is recorded as an event.

SMART START - Affordable Model Keypad Starters
Simple, affordable, indestructible keypad ignition system. Patented technology uses a modular switch element that eliminates the need for adhesive or solder connections to the interior faceplate and employs no moving parts! Metal keypad is backed by our five (5) year functional guarantee. The technology has been tested for 50 million cycles and meets or exceeds IP-69 ratings, MIL-Std 810C and MIL-Std 202E. Solid metal construction is tamper and vandal proof and is ideal for outdoor high-end use and high-abuse applications. Available in the START-SMART simple device or as an upgrade to the KEYTROLLER 105.


Extremely compact design encloses completely potted electronics inside metal keypad enclosure. Single cable extends out the bottom to the dual relay module. Unit is secured under dash with 4 screws.

KISS - Keyless Ignition Simple Starters

Installs quickly on any make, model or capacity gas, LPG, diesel or electric powered equipment

RFID card only ignition system. Available in several model configurations as a modular box or as remote components (both pictured above). Available as simple ignition system or with event logging, auxiliary inputs and impact sensing. Choose from "standard" RFID or HIDprox type RFID readers. Available in "no-button" models that immediately enable a key or with keyless "illuminated button" models that utilize metal piezo button technology.

Click here to view the Keytroller Shopfront contact details



Incredible accuracy NEVER seen before in a hydraulic scale
Accuracy within 10 pounds of ANY load on a 5000 pound capacity forklift!
Provides two types of weighing:
  1. Normal weighing where details of the last weighment and the total weighment are stored in a group.

  2. Sequence weighing where the details of EVERY weighment and the total weighments are stored in a group.

Advanced features of the LCD screen include:
• gross net weighing
• manual & automatic tare
• memory capacity up to 1000 sequences for grouping of weight results
• totalizing in groups
• log up to 99 events on up to 99 different channels
• print logged events to adhesive labels
• date and time
• data transfer to printer or PC
• readout in Lbs. or Kgs
• Easy calibration How do we do it? A solenoid controlled bypass module is mounted in line between the mast and control valve. In a weight event, the solenoid opens and hydraulic fluid under pressure from the load passes through the module where a high accuracy sensor records 500+ pressure readings in 5 seconds as the load slowly lowers. These readings are averaged to take out inherent hydraulic system errors such as valve stop, weighing height, bearing hang up, leaking seals or valves, etc.


Single channel hydraulic scale

Accuracy within 100 pounds of ANY load on a 5000 pound capacity forklift

Units install easily on ANY make, model or capacity electric, gas, LPG or diesel powered vehicles. A sensor in the hydraulic system provides controller with pressure output that is converted to weights on an illuminated LCD screen. Sensors are not subjected to any mechanical forces making these systems applicable to even the most rugged applications.



Digital speedometer (MPH or KPH) warns driver when he exceeds a set speed limit. If high speed continues through a "grace period", a 120dB flashing siren alarm sounds until speed drops.


System controls top speed of any conventional cable accelerator system on gas, LPG or diesel forklifts. Actuates at "idle speed" restricting throttle stroke. At stop or low speed forklift has full engine RPM power.

Electronic top speed control system for new generation "fly-by-wire" electronic accelerator/throttle systems. Also controls acceleration "slew" rate to prevent burnouts and safer handling of fragile loads.


Tire-Saver prevents abuse of tires as well as transmissions by preventing directional change until vehicle speed and engine RPM are below a set threshold. Speed is monitored by transmission gear tooth sensor. Units are field installable on any gas, LPG or diesel powered vehicle with electrically selectable transmissions. Increases tire life up to 400%!

HUSHhh - Noiseless back up alarms

Hushhh is a smart, self-adjusting reversing alarm for forklifts working where ambient noise level varies significantly. Automatically adjusts alarm volume 5 - 10dB above area noise level. Focuses warning sound in danger zone behind vehicle. No annoying Beep-beep-beep! Our Hushhh "shh...shh..." sound is easy on the ears and dissipates quickly. Self adjusting and fixed dB broadband alarms are available.


Cellular GPS hour meter transmits vehicle location and hour meter reading daily/weekly to website. Dealer/user logs on to view all vehicles. PC software graphs usage and allows for easy maintenance scheduling. Mechanic interface at device insures maintenance is completed.

Click here to view the Keytroller Shopfront and contact details
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